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What is the point of this site?

Choose Your Happy blog explores how people consciously create happiness by amplifying goodness in their lives or smiling in the face of challenges.

How did this site/blog begin?

In April 2014, the idea for this site hit me randomly at my big girl job. Your happiness guide is me… Meghan. I am 30 years old, an optometrist, and I like being happy! Trust me when I say that happiness is not always a constant in my life. I have gone through depression, loneliness, and self-doubt.

How did I escape? I’ve had to define my circumstances. You need to define YOUR circumstances; don’t be defined by them!

Every day. Get up. Choose happy. Live fully.

Am I telling you that I have all the answers? No. I do not have a road map to Happy Town. No, I do not know what you should do after that initial happy choice. And, no, I cannot guarantee my mantra is fail-proof.

This site is here to share experiences: mine & yours. I truly want it to become a community of expression because my happiness will never mirror your happiness. Choose happy thus becomes Choose Your Happy!

A Small Dose of Recent Happiness

How can you connect with us?



Email: meghan (at) chooseyourhappyblog dot com

Would you like to write a guest post?

Send me a message! To make it even easier for you, fill in the blanks with your idea and I (Meghan) will get back to you as soon as I can.

General guidelines:

  • Topics considered are vast, but they all must relate to happiness in some way
  • 300-700 words
  • Short bio required, fun headshot recommended

Which posts are the best introductions to Choose Your Happy?

How often is content posted?

At least once a week.

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