Earning Our Vacations

I truly earned my vacation this week. The weekend was a blur, a whirl of activity… and I didn’t end up sleeping until waaaay past midnight on Sunday & Monday. Those early morning wakeup calls make for a tired Meghan.

But, alas, I am here in lovely Orlando, Florida (if you call a humid 95 “lovely”) enjoying the hustle and bustle, the blur & whirl, of vacation. I’ve earned it.

Earning vacations means being able to feel grateful for the time away from work, the time with family, and the time spent with 40,000 of your new friends in basically the happiest place on earth.

Bottom line, being exhausted on a daily basis leading up to a vacation at Disney World where you are going to continue to be exhausted… well, it’s exhausting!

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. The exhausting side of Disney is part of the magic. There’s a contentment at the end of the day throughout the day that makes the experience truly worth the crowds, heat, and humidity.  The contentment is a manifestation of my thankfulness that I am here.

Photo-ops with Chip, Woody, Buzz, Mike & Sully. Selfies in line. People watching. I’m in heaven.

Ch-ch-ch-Chip and Dale… RESCUE RANGERS!


Did I tell you I had a dance party with Chip? Happiness, contentment, gratefulness.

But above all, being in this crowded happy place, my favorite moment has been the reminder that I should LOVE GOD. Thank you sky-writer. I am so grateful for your words, the true words that I should cling to in my soul on a second-by-second basis. Wow, I tent to forget, and when I do the crowds, heat, humidity, hustle, bustle, whirl, and blur overtake me and make me Meghan Cranky Pants Elkins. Let’s face it: she’s not that fun.