Sometimes I feel like I'm climbing this pyramid...

You Thinking About Quitting? Me Too.

I’ve got a few things that I’ve been thinking about quitting lately. How about you?

  1. Facebook
  2. This Blog
  3. Running

I’m Thinking About Quitting Facebook

Here’s the deal: I’m tired of reading about everyone else’s lives, I want to live my own. I’m tired of sitting around a table with friends and everyone is on their phone. I’m tired of waking up in the morning and reaching for my phone to check my notifications.

Facebook is a wedge shoved between the life I have right now and the life I want to have.

To begin- Facebook hiatus all day long. I didn’t sign in until 8:45pm or so. I feel good about it.

Updates on my progress will follow, trust me.

I’m Thinking About Quitting This Blog

I don’t know what my deal is… I just feel so uninspired writing about my theme lately. I still love writing and I still fully believe in my mission, but I just have not had any mojo lately to write about it.

It’s a weird feeling for me. Choose Your Happy has been around for over a year now and it has enriched my life so much! But to think that I want to abandon it in pursuit for something else? Consternation is the word that comes to mind. I’ve had other blogs before, but I’ve put more of myself into this one. And to let it go? Am I ready to do that? Am I ready to quit?

I’m Thinking About Quitting Running

Who am I kidding? I just signed up for a 25K trail race today.

Sometimes I feel like I'm climbing this pyramid...
Sometimes I feel like I’m climbing this pyramid…

Don’t quit. That’s what others tell you. But I’m here to tell you, sometimes you need to quit something in your life if it is nothing but toxic waste. What are you thinking about quitting?

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  1. I was okay with Facebook, sad about the blog, and ticked about running. Then I read the rest of it…
    Keep only the things you need and trash the rest. is there such a thing as time or mental hoarding?

  2. Great, great read, especially since I’m on a small minimalist journey myself! I’ve actually had the “quit running” idea; i don’t want to quit it fully, but I want to embrace in a different way: run relays, run slowly with good friends and enjoy the experience, etc. I’ve always been so focused on running quickly for myself that I’ve lost some of the fun running mojo. And I do absolutely believe in mental hoarding, and that we need to try to get rid of the mental junk as much as the physical. Live your life! :)

  3. Meghan: Your Mom & I have been friends on Facebook for almost a year! I have also asked BOTH YOU AND TAYLOR to be friends, too! After all, we ARE Second Cousins; haven’t seen you since Uncle Kermitt’s Funeral. The choice is yours whether or not you want to be Facebook friends with me; I don’t twist arms! Being on Facebook can be a blessing to OTHERS! It took over 2 1/2 years to reunite with a friend since FIRST GRADE; and that friend was blessed by our reunion. DON’T QUIT! Have you given it a good chance? Go through the friend search, ask the ones you know to be your friend, and see what happens.

  4. You can quit or you can rethink how you approach them. Facebook is a time, energy and sometimes happiness suck but it can also be a reconnector, info finder, joyous place as well. Step back from the need to check it all the time or don’t check it at all for a few days. Life will go on and tell your friends to be present! That is my big beef with all electronics. No one is living their immediate life anymore! Everyone is in a screen. As for your happy blog…push through the funk. Thats what it is. Pretend for a skinny minute and you will find your mojo again. And running…ha!

    1. Yeah let’s face it- who doesn’t want to quit running all the time?? Lol, then we all go and sign up for another race!

  5. Don’t quit, use these outlets for YOUR purpose, for what YOU need out of them. It’s not an all or nothing decision, it’s a “what do I want/need out of these things?” I like facebook for staying abreast, praying for friends, keeping in touch with family, and for lifting me up when I’m down. I love your blog for gaining insight and introspection. I like running so I can eat, to relieve stress, and the feeling when I’m done! Choose these things to make YOU happy. After all, that is the name of your blog, the motto of your life 😉 xoxo