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The Season Is Transition

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Boy, oh boy, I spent a lot of time and brain energy into thinking about this blog, my child, over the last 3 months. And it finally has come down to this: I am transitioning this blog over to my new website! Meg Sees The World – aka, will be open for business in the near future. If I’m not ready to show off my shiny new toy then please forgive any delays, but I want my new Internet home to reflect my personality… much like has really been created out of love.

I have imported all of my posts from The WOD & Word and from this site into to keep everything archived when the registrations for those domains run out next year. Slowly I will go through each post (85 from Choose Your Happy) to update the broken links and I’ve already been working through the categories to clean them up.

Where am I on my happiness scale? I’d say about a 7. My neck is still cramped up from this weekend and my piriformis is tight. It’s a rough go, which is why my happiness number is lower this week.

But the Hatfield McCoy Marathon? Running the Blackberry Mountain half course was spectacular and riding my bike for the River Road half course was a new world (of pain, freeness [is that a word?], adventure). My legs feel strong and ready for the next race! I haven’t recovered this well from a race in a long time… despite my neck.

So here is my charge for you this week, it’s a continuation, so to speak, of last week’s post-

Think about the things that make you happy. If something in your life doesn’t align with your happiness goals, if something lowers your happiness scale on a routine basis–have faith to cut it out of your life. If it is at all possible, get rid of the things that don’t bring out the best in you!

I’m talking about people, places, and things.

And then be optimistic about your future. Choose Your Happy has been a thrilling ride for me, but I believe will ignite more of my passions in one happy place! And you better believe there will still be happiness at Meg Sees The World!

Until next time!