Go ahead, jump on in.

When It Rains

Today’s post comes from my first guest writer, Ray. He wrote this during the summer of 2014, but I’ve been saving it for APRIL SHOWERS! Has it been raining a lot in your neck of the woods? For realsies? Metaphorically? Read on and catch a bit of his perspective.

Go ahead, jump on in.
Go ahead, jump on in.

When it rains a lot of people feel the despair of their individual situation, or find themselves in a state of melancholy and they really can’t explain it. I know that I usually get a little blue when the sky is crying, but don’t let the rain get you down.

Can you become a person who loves the rain? Let’s sit back and realize what the water of life can give us.


Water graced to this earth from the heavens allow beautiful flowers to thrive. Without the vibrant colors of these wonders, we would live in a world that is printed in grayscale. We can tend to take for granted the reds, yellows, and violets that are nourished by the nectar of the sky.

Lakes, Streams, and Rivers

When the sky pours down to the soil, our glorious lakes, streams, and rivers are fed by the natural water. After the rain, we can marvel at the calmness of the lakes and the power of the rivers that are plentiful throughout the land. These bodies are the lifeblood of some cultures, the way of travel or transportation of goods, and the provider of food. All possible because of the rain.

The Full Color Spectrum

Third would be the prism of light in the sky that is sometimes seen during and after a rainfall. We all have our theories on rainbows, and find a joy in the beauty that is shown through reflection of light. There may not be a pot of gold at the end, but to see perfect division of color in the sky can always put a smile on the grumpiest person’s face.

Child-Like Excitement

But of all of these wondrous things, I think that it is the simplest product that makes me smile. There is nothing in this world that is more fun than a puddle after a rain. As a kid, I could not wait to get out and stomp in the puddles! There was something so cool and fun about watching the water splash in the air around my feet. I felt like a giant walking through the bogs. Even now, as an adult, I still feel the urge to stomp in a puddle every once in a while.

When It Rains

We may feel that rain is all gloom and darkness, but just remember the awesomeness that rain gives us. Take the time to look at the flowers, stand and watch the mighty Ohio flow, or go on an adventure to find the end of that rainbow in the sky. I am going to smile and jump as high as I can and watch the minute tidal waves I can make with every puddle I see.

 20140521-191222-69142069.jpgRay is a devoted father to his daughters Rhea, Jessica, and Courtney. He is a Training Instructor at a VA Medical Center and a retired Veteran with 23 years of service in the United States Army. He feels that helping each other is the only way to survive the trials of life. His point of view comes from his faith and life experience. And he has a great beard.

And because I played a bait and switch with you on the title… for your listening enjoyment: