Put On Your Seatbelt!

Let me take you to church with me. Have you been in a while? Picture it: I’m 3 minutes late, as usual, and I sit down in a pew next to my friend, Kate. Overwhelmingly, I got the sense I needed to put on my seatbelt. In church.

Put on my seatbelt in church.

Well, that’s food for thought. I can picture putting on a seatbelt in lots of places like a care, airplane, (metaphorically) lives, but I couldn’t really picture a seatbelt for church until that moment.

It isn’t like I haven’t been going regularly for a while now. It’s not like I haven’t been in years or even months. But putting on my seatbelt felt needed in my core.

Looking back on our lives, I am sure we can all remember the ups and downs in our individual rollercoasters. Seatbelts were highly recommended and easily understandable in those times. But trying to recall every single time we veered across the yellow line, came in hot on a tight turn, or somehow avoided a deer in the road… all of these times we needed our seatbelt. Were we wearing the safety devices? Do you really need your seatbelt? These times are just light little blips on your life replay.

Hopefully we can recognize the necessity of a seatbelt in our lives. I believe that there could be a universal theme of spirituality and faith having a safety device or a guide through our troubles.

But bottom line, no matter what your beliefs, faith isn’t about being faithful during times of need. It’s about being faithful at all times… Wear your seatbelt every hour of every day. Someday you will need it and it could potentially save your life.

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  1. Yes..let’s buckle up for safety…seatbelts DO save lives !!!… In church we should buckle up to not be distracted And to keep from wiggling ( as I did as a kid)…But keep those belts loose , because there will be a time when we should rise up, stand up, get up and worship HIM !!… Its OK to raise your hands and praise..;)… Keep that Happy Holy Spirit alive…..just remember to buckle back up for your ride home….