Feeling 22 & Generous

Feeling 22

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that yesterday was my sister’s 22nd birthday. SO I bring you: Feeling 22

We all had a great time making this music video, and Taylor’s reaction to it made it worth the late night I put in to finish it up. So glad I got to hang out with her friends. 


Feeling Generous

My friends and I were in Louisville this past weekend running the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon. Saturday night found us at Frisch’s Big Boy somewhere near the St. Matthews Mall. Normally I don’t like to talk about the times I pick up a strangers check or feed the homeless… what good is being good but wanting praise?

But this time I have to talk about it. 

How did we even end up at this eatery?

  1.  didn’t want to order pizza to the hotel. 
  2. I didn’t even want to eat inside this restaurant. 

So I was brought there for a reason that Saturday night. My friends and I all were. 

Annie, our waitress, got our order, but as she left I called her over. My order was a glass of water and this older gentleman’s check. He had been pensive, lost in thought, enjoying his late night meal. He looked lonely. Maybe a little depressed. She thought that was wonderful and smiled at my act. 

Mr. Hot Tea & Fried Scrod asked for his bill, Annie said it was already taken care of, and he left her a $15 tip. Annie was thrilled and thanked me for picking up his tab. I was confused by her excitement, but she said that if I hadn’t gotten the check he probably wouldn’t have left such a big tip. She said she really needed it, especially after the day she had been having. 

Well, my friends and I watched some videos of generous people (the woman with the roses on the train is one of my favorites, will link later)… And of course we then decided to leave Annie one big tip. 

I’m not rich, but I hold to the principle that if you give with your heart, if you give until it hurts, then you are accomplishing a purpose and you will come out alright because of it. 

So we all put together about $45 to go with that man’s $15. Annie was surprised to say the least. I slipped her the money folded in half with only a $5 visible. We left the restaurant and she evidently unfolded the money because she actually came out of the building as we were driving off just so she could say thank you again. 

Annie, wherever you are, know that I’ve been praying for you. If you aren’t the praying type then just consider that you’ve been in my good thoughts vibes. I know you had a rough day last weekend, but life does get better. And there is always something to be happy about. Choose your happy, Annie. It’s right there waiting for you.

PS- if you know Annie, a Big Boy waitress in east Louisville, Kentucky, tell her hi for me. Thanks!


The generous friends!
Have you ever left a generous tip? What was the waitstaff’s reaction?

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  1. How sweet, sometimes we just don’t know what other people are going through. This lady was truly blessed and I hope she pays if forward one day.