Didn’t Meet The Mark? It’s Okay.

Wow! I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday. I knew yesterday was Wednesday because I went through my regular work routine, stayed late, went straight to Bible study… but I didn’t realize I needed to finish up my post for today. #facepalm I swore I had an extra day until my latest Thursday edition went live.

Rough summary?

Man, I really messed something up. In all actuality I just kind of missed my goal I had for myself, and I didn’t quite meet expectations… my expectations. It’s okay. I swear. It’s okay.

I will be alright. My goals will still be there and I will continue to learn from my successes that sometime seem like failures. It’s okay.

Goals are ever-evolving. How I approach those goals also change! Eventually I will surpass even my own expectations.

But until then, even if I don’t end up meeting the mark: it’s okay.

Now that I’ve mentioned a time when I didn’t quite meet the mark… It’s Okay! Just wear happy socks.