Writing & The Art Of Friendship + Giveaway Thursday

Welcome back! I took a short hiatus from writing on both Choose Your Happy & my other (as yet officially) unannounced blog because writing up original, meaningful posts every day was getting hard. Two weeks ago was my birthday countdown and last week was another Writing With Lisbeth challenge week: 5 posts, 5 days.

To give it to you straight… this Writing With Lisbeth group is a pretty interesting collection of people from all over Facebook world with the common goal of writing. From the info section:

A place where we discuss writing: how to improve, good things to read, ways to get better. And we’re not afraid to laugh. Note: grammar will be discussed and abused, progress will be considered more important than perfection, and anyone acting like an ass will be asked to leave. Learning is the goal here.

If you are another blogger, welcome! Come join our group if you’d like. If you are considering starting your own blog then please join us in your writing journey or just come to spectate! The friendship you will find amongst the aspiring authors is worth the 25 seconds it will take to click the above link and request to join the group.

Just like in the gym I am a part of… you will not be judged, you will be supported. The friendship of the pen lifts your creativity and writing mojo. Reading the words on the screen from someone you don’t know is a really fun part of the anonymity of the Internet and blogs. But reading the words on the screen from an apparent stranger who is openly vulnerable in the Facebook group… I don’t know, it kind of makes the blog have more weight, more substance, more feeling.

There’s an art of friendship. Sure, the science of friendship is clear-cut: our personalities complement each other, we’ll be friends. But I guarantee you this: I don’t have a lot in common with the people in the Writing With Lisbeth group, but by writing alone I am able to create art in my connection to the 103 fellow writers. The art of friendship in writing deserves a permanent monument on the Internet.

Thanks to those incredible people & fellow writers. We might not know what we are doing all the time, but at least we are all trying!

NOW!– A GIVEAWAY! The titular author of the Writing With Lisbeth group wrote a book called Live Like That and I quite enjoyed it. Now I shall pass it along to you!

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Share this post, enter the giveaway, leave me a comment. Or do none of the three. Whatever you decide to do, just know that I hope to continue writing, and I hope to continue being a part of the Writing With Lisbeth group on Facebook.

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