Stay off of the side streets...

The Season For Happiness


Is all the snow making you cranky?


Are all the thunderstorms messing up your plans?


Is the heat & humidity keeping you inside too much?


I’ve sat here for 10 minutes erasing every sentence. Fall is perfect. Period. 

How about this–

Are all the pumpkin spice latte addicted women with riding boots and scarves pushing you to the verge of assault? 

You can always find something to be unhappy about.

Instead I contend that the answer is always striving to choose your happy.

Snow will melt, rains will stop, sultry summers will cool, and the lattes will fade away until next fall.

So my suggestions for you

  • Quit whining about the seasons.
  • Quit wishing away time.
  • Quit focusing on the things you cannot control.

I swear my life is better since I started following those 3 suggestions. Now every season is the season for happiness.

And if you can find a legitimate complaint about fall then I will suspend the above guideline against whining about the seasons if you leave a comment below! 😀

Stay off of the side streets...
Stay off of the side streets…