Highlights Of Year 30: Part 7 – Estes Park & Downtown Denver

March 2nd is my 31st birthday! For the next week I will be posting the top 7 highlights of my 30th year. Hope you all enjoy some of my favorite memories!

Highlights Of Year 30: Part 7 – Solo Trip To Estes Park & Reunited With A Best Friend In Denver!

Whew, that was a mouthful, sorry. This trip to Colorado was a highlight because I took a chance on a solo trek to Estes Park and The Stanley Hotel. I was actually supposed to stay at the hotel by myself, BUT that reservation fell through because of my reservation in downtown Denver.

I am kind of glad I didn’t stay at The Stanley by myself. I am way too much of a scaredy cat… and having taken the tour of the hotel & grounds, I will only stay there with my momma. No lie.

The trip was a highlight because I flew into Denver, 70 degrees or so, beautiful sunshine, sweet rental car, Taylor Swift’s 1989 was just released so it was on repeat. I’ve always wanted to take a solo vacation, so this brief jaunt to Estes Park was a good introduction for me.

But then I was reunited with one of my absolute best friends of all time in Denver for the American Academy of Optometry CE meeting… and I remembered why it is fun to travel with friends.

Note that the 4 pictures from Denver in the gallery below are actually on different nights! It was a great week even though it went from that beautiful 70 degrees to a frigidly beautiful 4 degrees. I kid you not.

Someday I hope to travel by myself for a longer period of time, but until that moment comes I will always have memories of the sun setting beyond the mountains surrounding The Stanley Hotel and the best (elk) burger I’ve ever had in my entire life.

And Misty… my thankfulness for our friendship cannot be captured in the digital letters I type. Can’t wait for our next adventure!