Basketball Heartbreaks

It’s time to flex my writing muscles a bit. My life has been consumed by basketball for the last 3 weeks, and it certainly has been a fun ride, but WOW does it lead to heartaches & heartbreaks… with the exception of one team who wins it all at the end of tournament time.

In West Virginia high school basketball, towns revolve around the hardwood and a round ball. The communities rejoice with the swish of a net and form an angry mob with the sound of an offensive foul whistle. It’s life from December – March.


And March… March is my favorite part of the season because I get to see just how far these amazing student athletes have come playing the game I love. Basketball is a constant controlled chaos! It’s amazing watching teenagers become young adults throughout the season, and to see them in the final stages, when it’s time for a gut check or when it’s time for maturity to take over the game… I just love it.

Sometimes March doesn’t go the way I would like to see:

Sometimes your favorite teams win it all.

Sometimes they win it again.

And sometimes you get a wake-up call that these basketball players are about 16 years old.


You can’t always win.

IMG_9613But the community of people surrounding these boys & girls can always lift them up in prayers & encouragement. That’s the true spirit of the season–coming together, winning as a team, losing as a team, but always remaining as such… a team.


As a personal aside… let’s go Mountaineers! I am so excited to see you all give Kentucky a run for their money. And also congrats to Sarah Warner for winning the Live Like That giveaway!!!