Meghan’s Musings Part 1

Today is such a beautiful day, but really aren’t all days beautiful? What brings beauty to the start of your day?

If I see a pretty sunrise, I know I am set to have a good day because it just gets me in the mood to live life as beautiful as the orange tones streaking across the sky. This morning was no exception. I failed to snag a picture of the sun peaking through the clouds and bouncing off of the Ohio river… I had a brief thought, “wow, I live in a cool little town.” I could barely see the water through the flood wall gates. I was rewarded, however, when I got to see the clouds lifting and the trees silhouetted.


Think of a person(s) who has influenced your faith. Who would you want to emulate?

My brow squinched up in deep thought, running through the catalog of my great influencers. Ah! Carol Newman. Mrs. Newman hosted ladies Bible study when I was in optometry school. I still have my teal folder with ALL of the printed sheets. I still have the memories of the way her face would light up, the way she would giggle, shrug her shoulders, smile brightly. Her passion for Christ was obvious. Her love for all of us was beautiful.

I also remembered Rev. Dr. Ken Ramsey, who was my pastor at Wesley United Methodist in Morgantown, WV when I was in undergrad. Ken Ramsey THEN showed up at Bridgeport United Methodist 5 years later when he and I both returned to the area. I’d like to think that he had a way of reaching me when I didn’t want to be reached with God’s message. I was there. I showed up. I listened reluctantly (unknowingly). But now I see where I was being led. Thanks so much for being you and sharing your faith with me.

What do you want to be known for? What do you want to be your legacy?

I would like my obituary to read:

Meghan gave her life to serving others, giving and not expecting to receive, loving without expecting return, and sharing until she had nothing left to share.

Realizing that the above epithet is a lot to strive for, I’m ready to accept that journey.

Where do you want to go? You can go anywhere.

For some reason I want to go to Maine. Eventually I’d like to make it to San Diego, Key West, and whatever the furthest west point is in the United States, but I really really would like to experience the beauty and wonder of the first sunrise. If I’m still thinking about making that trip 4 months after I wrote it down on my Ultimate Bucket List list, then that’s a good sign that I’ve got to do it. I’ve got a page in my journal outlined already. I’ll be staying in Bed & Breakfasts, Campgrounds, and 1 night in a hotel in NYC on the way back. I’m not sure what cities I want to hit, but I do know I want to go to LL Bean HQ at 2am (because I can) and I want to go on a Whale/Sail. I want to eat Lobster for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Who wants to join me?

I hope you have enjoyed this session of Meghan’s Musings. It was enjoyable for me and just kind of spilled out onto the screen. Some of it was from Bible study tonight, but much of it was already in my heart/head.

Tell me: pick one of the 4 above musings and muse away in the comments section. I’m eager to see what you have to say. :)