Letting It In + Giveaway #1 Winner

Okay, strike that, reverse it. First up: Giveaway #1 Winner ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Congrats to Julie R. for winning the $5 Starbucks gift card! You should have it in your email now.

The next giveaway is Tuesday, March 3rd. Be on the lookout.

Now, the main event: Letting It In

Everyone knows by now that we should all Let It Go, Let It GOOO, but perhaps we should consider letting it in. Have you thought of that concept? The opposite of the Disney goodness?

I love me some Disney, and I love the concept of letting things go, but I’ve got a problem with letting it in. My heart is a fortress, and it takes the entire village around me to break my walls. Once you’re in, don’t worry… you’re in for life pretty much, but getting inside is definitely a challenge.

Let in friends, faith, ideas, lovers, concepts. Let in your family. Let in your anger or your grief. Let in all your emotions and really get an idea for what you are feeling, truly. Don’t be afraid of letting in things or people or places or feelings. It’s okay! It’s okay to feel! Let it in. Get used to letting it in!

You can’t really see what’s positive in your life until you become okay with letting it in.

Let in the good, let in the bad. Think about your world and how you want to live. All those things that don’t align with your ideal YOU? That’s when you can have a duet with Elsa.

And now a video to kill my entire thesis statement about just letting things in, just because these kids are so cute and sweet: