Journaling Is The Key

The 5 Blog Challenge is certainly a challenge, but by tapping in to my journal I have been able to find a lot of golden nuggets… and some heart wrenching words.

Journaling is the key.

It is the key to our souls, we unlock our minds and let our spirit flow.

Journaling is how we can record our present for our future reflections. It is how we are able to keep a record of our feelings and emotions, how we react to certain events or people. It allows us to pull up a true and accurate (debatable?) record of the past so we can better shape our future decisions once we go back and reread our words.

I started using my green Moleskine on 27 April 2015 and now it is is mostly full. Perhaps it should be full already, but I wrote when I needed to; I didn’t pressure myself into writing every day. Perhaps I should have?

In flipping through this little green Moleskine journal, I find the first betrayal of my heart on page 4. Recalling my emotional state at that time, I don’t think I was doubting the subject, per se, but I was certainly questioning the longevity.

Flip through the journal a little further and you’ll get a good picture of a very wonderful snippet of my life. You’ll also get a glimpse into some down moments and some great ideas for blog posts.

In ink, pencil, crayon, or sharpie… whichever you prefer… you have preserved your moment in time. You really did write those poetic words. You really did document the highs and lows. Yes, you.

I’ve included some snippets of my journal in today’s post. Some snippets are very personal, others are more fun, but all of them make me think.

The physical pain I feel when I know my family is hurting is incredible. My heart feels like a fire, a piercing fire that courses through my blood. Nothing can be done to help, but support & pray (sic). Be an ear. Be a shoulder. The hard work is up to her in the end.

Journaling isn’t always about me. It can be a simple release of the worry I feel for those I love.

This excerpt was from the time I sat down at the bar at The Peddler (R.I.P.) and was waiting for Melissa to meet me for a burger. Luckily, I had my Moleskine with me + a pen when this older gentleman swayed in to the restaurant and sat next to me.

He swirls, smells casually, closes his eyes as he takes a calculated swig.
“It’s okay.”
He takes a full glass.

All that effort– for what? To settle?

This summer I made it to Orlando, Florida for our family vacation! Universal Studios, Disney, shopping! My parents drove down, so they were kind enough to give this jet-setter a ride back to Charleston, South Carolina (and eventually West Virginia… vacation doesn’t last forever). On the way back to the Low Country, my dad made a reference to my favorite movie, A League Of Their Own.

Dottie tells Kit– “pft, you got yourself in the league, I got you on the train.”

People can help you get to where you need to be, but it’s up to you to make your mind up about what to do when you get there. It’s up to you to go for your dreams, reach for your happiness, and make it happen.

So here I am, an almost-31-year-old, lounging on my couch in my slippers, gas logs on, 6:36am, just wanting to help you get on the train. It’s up to you to decide where to go.

But wherever you go… be sure you pack some sort of journal, a pen, and your heart.

What are your thoughts on journaling? Do you have a particularly favorite medium for capturing your mind & heart? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. I love journaling. It has helped me work through some of the most difficult times of my life.
    I wish I was more deligent to journal when I’m in a happy place. but I guess when I’m happy, I’m busy, well, being happy!

    1. I need to continue! :) I tend to stop when I am feeling better and then run back to it when I’m desperate for an outlet. :)

    1. I have one from high school that I cringe when I read. It’s sitting in my bookcase right now since I found it a few weeks ago. It’s a part of me that is hard to remember, but it’s good to know I’m better than where I was by far. :)