Highlights Of Year 30: Part 6 – Kelly Getting Married

March 2nd is my 31st birthday! For the next week I will be posting the top 7 highlights of my 30th year. Hope you all enjoy some of my favorite memories!

Highlights Of Year 30: Part 6 – Kelly Getting Married

My optometry school roommate, Kelly, got married in September! Reunion time! Why would this special event not be a highlight?

These girls (minus one) are my favorites. They truly know me, my heart, and… well, they accept me in all my crazy weirdness.

I’ve got laser beam eyes……….

So Becky, Kendra, and Kelly are all married now. Misty and I decided to have a little fun with a single lady photo shoot after the wedding ceremony.


Just kidding… that photo was the morning of the wedding. We cleaned up really nice and looked so pretty! Here is the REAL photo shoot winner:


Misty and I cannot be stopped when we are together.

At the end of the long weekend, I had gotten a chance to spend time with the people my heart misses on a daily basis. I got a chance to see Wisconsin, go on a run with Misty, eat cheese curds, have an amazing Bloody Mary (with a beef & cheese stick?!), dress up, and laugh endlessly with my friends.

Kelly got married! And she threw the best Wisconsin wedding I’ve ever been to… complete with midnight pizza at the reception. She looked incandescently happy with Al! I am so thrilled I got to celebrate your married life shenanigans; thanks for throwing one of the most entertaining parties I’ve ever been to.

Where did I get that hat from?


After the wedding–I needed this area at your airport, Wisconsin:


Until next time, Wisconsin!