Highlights Of Year 30: Part 5 – CrossFit Thunder Endurance WODs

March 2nd is my 31st birthday! For the next week I will be posting the top 7 highlights of my 30th year. Hope you all enjoy some of my favorite memories!

Highlights Of Year 30: Part 5 – CrossFit Thunder Endurance WODs

I’ve been locked out of my account all day (what’s my password??), so I failed to get this post up until right before midnight.

I got in amazing shape, made some lasting memories, and found the true meaning of friendship this past fall during the endurance workouts at CrossFit Thunder. My race schedule didn’t permit me to finish up the program with everyone else, but the sweat I did put in was worth it.

Some of my favorites [sic] were the hill sprints. They left us feeling like this:


Or this:


But I have to admit, the Endurance WODs really paid off. I ran a PR in September at the most hilly course I’ve ever run. Then I ran a super awesome PR at the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon in October!!! 2:08:51. It hurts just remembering the aftermath of that race. I might still be nauseous.

My November race… well, I was pretty beat down, and I truly didn’t want to be nauseous for 4+ hours after it was over like the other fall races, so I took it slow and ran one of the easiest 13.1 miles ever. I wasn’t tired afterwards, and I truly wasn’t sore the next day.

Endurance workouts FTW! So happy to be able to call myself a Half Fanatic, and I have CrossFit Thunder’s Endurance WODs to thank for getting me through the grueling fall race schedule–not to mention getting me through a tough regular CrossFit workout schedule + EWODs + races + a CrossFit competition. It was an exhausting fall.

If it weren’t for the garbage cans this picture would be my most favorite ever.