Highlights Of Year 30: Part 4 – Spontaneous Walt Disney World Trip

March 2nd is my 31st birthday! For the next week I will be posting the top 7 highlights of my 30th year. Hope you all enjoy some of my favorite memories!

Highlights Of Year 30: Part 4 – Spontaneous Walt Disney World Trip
(Plus The Rest Of The Family Vacation!)

I’m weird… it’s okay, I admit it. I’m weird because I actually like family vacations. I’ve already admitted that this week.

So I hopped on a plane to Orlando after having bought the ticket 2 weeks beforehand and I joined my whole extended family for a week-long trip. Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure (aka, Harry Potter!) and outlet shopping were first.

And then a very spontaneous trip to Disney World.

Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom. Skipped Epcot because we had only one day to hit as much as humanly possible.

And then we headed to Charleston, South Carolina to spend some time on my uncle’s boat and play a little poker. The basics, you know.

Being able to go on a vacation like that was certainly a highlight for 30 years old. Let’s go back to Disney World!!!

If you could go anywhere with your family, where would you choose?