Charleston, SC wasn't a match for us Elkins girls.

Highlights Of Year 30: Part 1 – Charleston Bridge Run Weekend

March 2nd is my 31st birthday! For the next week I will be posting the top 7 highlights of my 30th year. Hope you all enjoy some of my favorite memories!

Highlights Of Year 30: Part 1

I turned 30 in 2014 and did a countdown to #30thblowout on my Facebook. On March 2nd I spent time skiing with one of my best friends and was surprised by my parents & sister when I finally got back home.

Two pictures from that amazing day:

NOW! Highlight #1 from March 2, 2014 – March 1, 2015: Bridge Run Weekend in Charleston, South Carolina

This trip was so memorable because I had just gotten over the stomach flu and it was the first time I got to see my grandparents in a while. Oh, and my mom, sister, and I ran the Charleston Bridge Run. Over 36,000 people ran one of my favorite bridges (I didn’t get a picture on it because I was hyperventilating… don’t ask… it’s still highlight #1 of 30 years old).

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