Starbucks @ Snowshoe Mountain Resort this weekend: thank you for taking care of me.

My Favorite Things & Giveaway Tuesday!

Welcome to My Favorite Things! This new feature highlights something in my life that brings me happiness. No matter what day it is, how I’m feeling, where I am, etc, My Favorite Things always bring a smile to my face!

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February: Starbucks Komodo Dragon!

The first time I ever had the Komodo Dragon blend at Starbucks, I truly felt like the coffee giant redeemed itself. Admittedly, I have never been impressed with Starbuck’s coffee… too bitter, not strong enough, no depth. But Komodo Dragon is perfect in my eyes. When I can’t get a KD pour-over (because, let’s face it, they don’t really brew it regularly), I kind of feel like the world just isn’t on my side for that particular day.

Deep, untamed flavors ripple through. Earthy, herbal and complex with a lingering spice. The scent is like a stroll through the forest just after a rain. This is the essence of coffees from Indonesia, and no other beans bring these flavors. Our master coffee blenders have done something remarkable. Knitting together the best pieces of the region’s coffees perfectly—allowing each taste to shine through clearly. It is an experience that would otherwise never exist. And is as extraordinary and wild as its namesake.

-The Starbucks Website Description

95% of all reviews on are 5 stars. We can’t all be wrong. 😀

Please note: I don’t typically get Starbucks coffee. When I travel or when my local coffee shops aren’t accessible it is my safe haven. So if I can get Komodo Dragon? I am on cloud nine.

Do you know what makes me even happier?

Featured Brew: Komodo Dragon. I feel as if I’m right where I’m supposed to be whenever my favorite coffee is the featured brew of the day.

Starbucks @ Snowshoe Mountain Resort this weekend: thank you for taking care of me.
Starbucks @ Snowshoe Mountain Resort this weekend: thank you for taking care of me.

Now: A Giveaway!

I was thinking of offering up a bag of Komodo Dragon, but you might not like the strong stuff. So I’m offering up a $5 Starbucks Gift Card! I would beg you to try a pour-over (or brewed!) Komodo, but because I’m trying to spread happiness… get what you want. 😉

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  1. Wow the KD coffee sounds tastey.. I’ll pick one up in the morning… Great give away M !!..;)…but I must frown for a second… It looks like you purchased yours at snowshoe mtns….. Jealous me..hopefully ill be up there in the next few weeks…meanwhile I gotta get busy on giving something away before the day is gone…I’ll let ya know how the dragon bites tomorrow… Stay Happy !!!

  2. I started out drinking a splash of coffee in my sugar and cream. Over the last year, I’ve learned to cut out the sugar completely, do away with flavored creamer, and go for either coconut milk or heavy cream with my giant cup of coffee. Side note, I can no longer drink my coffee with butta. Thanks flu.

  3. I like strong coffee….but I like to add flavor! And lots of cream. :) Just thinking about it is making me want to relocate to Starbucks for the afternoon in order to get some work done in a more enjoyable place!

    1. I can’t imagine you NOT being happy if you’ve had some coffee. 😀 Thanks for leaving a comment, hope you come back to visit in the future.

    1. Thanks for working hard when the sun is down, Vero! Thanks for leaving a comment, too. Hope you come back to visit me at my blog. 😀

  4. I love drinking my coffee with lots of sugar and cream. I definitely feel more awake after my delightful cup of coffee.

    1. If I’m gonna work I gotta have that one cup. Thanks for commenting, Rachel! Hope you stop back by the blog sometime in the future!