Enjoy The Chaos

Wow! Today has been a crazy day in the eye clinic at the VA hospital. It wasn’t like we were that busy or anything… it’s just that everybody wanted something from everybody else, and everybody needed to be addressed now, and we had resident interviews, traffic accidents on I-64, and a show choir perform as part of Veteran Appreciation Week.

But as I sit here at my desk waiting for said residents to be available for rapid fire interview questions, plus waiting on hold for a retinal specialist to talk with me about something (oh, wait, I just got disconnected, smh), I am overwhelmed not with stress but with this wonderful feeling of contentment.


Today– I like my job. I like the controlled chaos of clinic, students, resident, walk-in emergencies, walk-in supposed emergencies, pop-up show choir performances, and hot dog sales combined into this beautiful day.

It truly is chaos a lot of the time. And I ENJOY the chaos. Without it, wouldn’t life be a little more boring?

So here’s to the chaos. Here’s to managing it and surviving Friday the 13th at precipice of a long weekend. Here’s to hanging on to the cliff of chaos and pulling myself back up to the top at the end of the work day.

Here’s to the chaos!

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