Don’t Lose Your Glasses

Look at Robert: overweight, blind as a bat, unhappy, and the subject of an Internet meme. That’s what happens when you lose your (Happiness) Glasses.

Back in July 2014, I wrote one of my favorite pieces on Choose Your Happy. Doctor’s Rx: Happiness Glasses was an interesting concept for me because of my profession and where I was mentally at the time of writing it. I needed some clarity–and whether it was emotionally or professionally, I cannot remember the details of the situation.

But I recall that after having written about Happiness Glasses I stopped being so myopic (at least for a little while). I got the clarity I needed. I realized that I needed to look through the lenses of happiness to see my future choices in a more sharp focus.

Please realize that happiness glasses are a privilege! By putting on the most stylish pair of glasses you will have ever worn you will be able to see the future results of your choices from today. You will have clarity for your life. (Excerpt from: Doctor’s Rx: Happiness Glasses)

My family would say that I lose things all the time. I admit that I’ve been guilty of losing my Happiness Glasses on occasion, too.

I’m sure you have caught yourself mid-gripe before and winced at your own choice words. I’ve stopped myself before I’ve said something rude (Happiness Glasses: on), and I’ve regretted harsh criticisms later on (Happiness Glasses: off). I am not perfect, but I always hope that I keep my Happiness Glasses on my face more than in the bottom of my purse!

As an optometrist, I hear so many jokes about people’s arms being too short or being blind in one eye & can’t see out of the other. Patients come to the eye clinic for lots of reasons:

  • I made them come back.
  • They ran out of their glaucoma drops and haven’t been seen for 2 years.
  • Their eye is red.
  • They lost vision in one eye last month.
  • The medicine ran out of their glasses (classic Memphis line).

Overall, though, I mostly hear about how my patients have lost their glasses. They’ve misplaced them, ran over them with their lawnmower, or sawed them in half on accident. S.M.H. Guarantee they are also guilty of losing their Happiness Glasses more often than not.

But these patients come to me because they know I can help get them a new pair.


So where do we go when we’ve lost our Happiness Glasses? How can we replace the most stylish pair of glasses we have ever worn?

For me, I go within my soul when I’ve lost my Happiness Glasses. I read the Bible or talk to one of my best friends. I go to CrossFit or take a drive. Happiness Glasses are cheap! I simply pay for them by doing stuff that makes me happy. And often, at the first hint of a smile, I typically find my supposedly lost glasses sitting on the coffee table.

There are a ton of things in life we can lose: our keys, our wallet, our glasses, our weight, our minds… If given a choice, what would be the ideal thing for you to lose?

Don’t be like Robert of Internet meme fame. Be the kind of guy who has clarity. Be the kind of woman who proudly wears her Happiness Glasses all day.

And if you have to lose something, lose yourself in the things that make you smile.

In the comments below, if you are so inclined, let me know about the funniest thing you’ve ever lost!

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  1. I try to keep my happy glasses on too! Sometimes it is hard to do, but I always go to God in Prayer and pray for restoration of my happiness. I never want to lose “Joy” in my life.
    For me… The decisions of some of the people closest to me, cause worry and stress. With that comes confusion and unclarity. Therefore, I realize my happy glasses are not on. No matter what happens, I will not lose my glasses!!

    1. Those decisions that you can’t control are the ones that tend to wreak the most havoc on our lives. So glad to hear you’ll be holding on to your glasses!!!