DIY Photo Frame Serving Tray Craft Project

I’m hosting a ladies craft night in 2 weeks or so and I figured I needed to attempt the craft myself before I start helping others while simultaneously stocking the chip bowls. We are doing an upcycled Photo Frame Serving Tray!!!

Please remember that I am NOT a DIY guru or craft genius. I just like making things with my hands. Also, this blog is a random musing happy blog, so forgive my less-than-stellar craft photos! 😀

I first found this project on To Work With My Hands and I was super excited to give it a go. But I needed a frame… so of to Goodwill I went! Found a couple of frames, and the one I ended up using for the project was $2.99. WIN!

Also picked up some new spray paint, drawer pulls from Walmart (gag) & Hobby Lobby, and an assortment pack of screws.

DIY Frame Serving Tray 1
The before: I learned later that my sister actually likes this print. I thought it was lame.

After disassembling the frame and cleaning it up, I sanded it down.

I pre-drilled the holes prior to painting because I didn’t want to screw up my awesome paint job, which was my next step. I think the bronze looks pretty awesome. What do you think?

Oops, I forgot to take a picture of the caulk around the inside of the frame to keep the glass secure. The caulk kind of exploded on me, so I was too busy cleaning that up. Just remember, if the caulk gets on the front surface of the frame then just scrape it off when it is dry. Don’t forget to set something heavy-ish on the glass to anchor it firmly into the caulk as it dries, too.

Then it was time to come up with something to put IN the frame. I used to ugly original print instead of cutting new posterboard, some scrapbook paper, and tape. I suggest going simple and letting the prettiness stand for itself. Let’s be honest– I tried to make a monogram or write out my initials and that didn’t really pan out, so I went simple. Hahahaha!

The end product: success! I LOVED how it came out!!


What do you want to put in your serving tray?


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  1. Hi Meghan!
    Your tray is gorgeous – and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see your post – you made my day! Thank you for sharing your project and for the link – I’m sharing your post on all my social media.
    I look forward to your shelf project and I’ve put my family “in the know” thanks to you – I want a GIRL drill. :)

    1. If/when you do get a GIRL drill PLEASE tag me! And thank you so much for sharing. I obviously published at an odd time of day so I’ll be sharing it on my social media outlets tomorrow. Just got your mention, too, so thanks thanks thanks!!