Seconds Continue: What Do You Choose To Do With Them?


Recently, I looked down at my watch and it was 3:44 AM. I panicked… I saw the second hand ticking away, unceasing in the urgency that time was passing.

No, I was not panicking from insomnia. I’ve had the moments of, “I can’t get to sleep, I won’t get any sleep, oh my goodness if I just can fall asleep I can get 4 hours, 3 hours, maybe 2 hours.” My realization did not stem from insomnia.

My realization, my panic, was rooted in the understanding that time never stops. It’s up to me to make my decisions with each day, hour, minute, second, nanosecond. And that thought kind of scared me.

How am I living in this second that leads to an improved me?

That’s a blunt question with a convoluted answer… To think into my soul, to feel into my soul for my answer, I’d say that some of it shouldn’t be published on teh Internets because it’s my personal journey. So instead–

I pose this question to you all in response:

What has been one decision you have made in the last week that consciously created a better you in that second?

So you all have homework for this week’s lesson!

  1. Make a happy decision for yourself for one second. Don’t think about the long term consequences (I mean, unless of course that decision is along the lines of stealing a car and joyriding to the beach… don’t do that).
  2. Post on social media with the hashtag “happyseconds” if you can capture a brief moment in time your life beams with pride. You’ve made happy decisions, right? You are using a second of every day to improve YOU, right? Well, if it’s something you can snap a picture of, I want to see it! (#happyseconds and also mention me on Instagram @chooseyourhappyblog so I can see it)
  3. Avoid staring at your watch if you have one. Seconds continue 360 degrees, every minute, every day. Don’t worry about your time slipping away.

Live in your moment. Live in each of your seconds. I will try to do the same. And I’ll go back to sleep next time instead of irrationally panicking over the seconds ticking away. I will be happy!

And as an aside, you all do realize I have no idea what I am doing before I start writing my blog? You realize I have no professional background in psychology. I may be way off base here! But I am making MY happy decision to keep posting because it helps me root myself in happiness. It might not always help my mood (see: Christmas Season Grumpiness), but at least I’m trying. :) Thank you all so much for reading!

And a huge special shout out to Melissa Hatfield for being the star #happyeveryday user! I’ll ask for permission to post my favorite picture of hers from this week today and will repost here if she says yes.

Don’t forget your homework! And try your best not to panic when you see the seconds ticking. Take each second, make a happy decision, and avoid staring at your watch tick away your life.

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  1. An improved me can be the result of taking my ego out of a situation that could be emotionally draining.

    People and circumstances disturb me at times. During those moments, there’s a choice presented: Go to war or let it go.

    The decision in that brief period either creates a wave of hostility or diffuses negativity.

    While I don’t always practice this principle, I recently had the opportunity to turn the other cheek and consequently, remain at peace.

    It was somewhat of a change, because I’m prone to fire-back at aggression or be the agitator myself.

    Perhaps in that moment, I found a bit of spiritual growth.

    1. It’s amazing how sometimes all it takes is a mere second in order to receive the gift of spiritual growth. So glad you let it go… you probably chose the better course of actions than I would have at the time. And because of that… spiritual growth. Bravo!

  2. I have decided not to panic in 2015! I was sick and eating soup on New Year’s Eve; I didn’t get to stay up to watch the ball drop; I missed a week of work! I thank God for the good health He has given me in January of 2015. If I have trouble sleeping, I just try to relax. Rest is important!

    1. Relax and read your Bible! I’ve taken to that lately and feel better with anxiety creeping up on me.