2015 Is Here!!! Be Happy Every Day!!!

Many folks cringe at the thought of making a New Year “resolution” but I welcome the challenge… even the word. No matter what you may decide to call your resolutions– your challenge, your bucket list, your goal– the idea is roughly the same.

Cliched, yes, but 2015 is a chance to make a new start.

Some of my people celebrating the New Year: new start, new smiles, and new memories! Pure happiness on their faces. It makes me happy!


This article by TIME magazine highlights ways to make resolutions you can keep. My favorite way:

Motivation research tells us that three things need to be present to sustain your fire over time: autonomy (you control what you do, rather than letting others dictate it); competence (you have some success the more you do it); relatedness (you share the experience with others). Which means: You can manufacture your own motivation by choosing an action that includes all three elements.

In terms of our happiness, let’s consider how to make a happy resolution we can all keep. Every day.

  1. Frequency: I know that several sources (including the above article) will strongly discourage trying to do something every. single. day. but I think we should all strive to have ONE happy moment a day. It’s just one, and I think that’s manageable enough. It’s not like I’m asking us all to be happy all day every day. Just one. Look for just one happy moment.
  2. Autonomy: you control your happiness! Do not let others dictate your happiness! So your happiness resolution should truly be about you.
  3. Competence: success? In happiness? Sure! The more you pick out 1 happy moment a day, the more you (theoretically?) see happy moments around you.
  4. Relatedness: I would love to see you share your happy moments with others! I’m not talking about a #humblebrag. I’m talking about a quiet morning, a peaceful night, a made bed!, a perfect mustache, a kid’s smile. I’m talking about whatever happy moment that strikes a chord with your soul.

#happyeveryday is our social media calling card!

I’m not asking you to post about #happyeveryday literally every day, but when you think about it, throw the hashtag on your Instagram photo. Sure, feel free to participate every day. That would be awesome. But no pressure.

As for me and this blog: follow @ChooseYourHappy on Twitter or @ChooseYourHappyBlog on Instagram for my journey to find one happy moment a day.


One Instagram photo a day.

One happy moment a day.

One happy life in 2015.