Just a little back road in the Monongahela National Forest. FRS 112 maybe?

Get Your Happiness Glasses Adjusted!

And just like that–it’s Thursday again. Last week I talked about taking an emotional hygiene and how I needed to work on my own happiness recently. It’s a never-ending process.

So, in the spirit of the approaching new year, I will adjust the happiness glasses I put on last week and focus on the rest of my favorite posts from 2014.

August was an interesting month as I started training for my fall half-marathons. Choose Your Happy kicked off Whine-Free Wednesdays… an experiment in positive realism, if you will. The project really didn’t get far off the ground, but it kind of caught on at work for a little while. Admittedly, I succumbed to whining on Wednesdays again around October, but at least I tried, right?

I Can’t, But We Can made me remember feeling so connected to someone else’s journey and taking such pride in their success. I loved that feeling and it makes me want to seek it out again.

Did anyone else laugh after reading Married To Snooze? At least I tried to get up early in the morning to jump-start my happiness before the sunrise…

Do you need some ideas on how to choose happy? I’ve got your list here: Happy Choice x 4. This post also has some of my favorite pictures I’ve published, too!

On October 30th I gave a shout-out to my fellow outgoing introverts! We are pretty great… just be sure to give us our space to recharge when needed. :)

Finally, I want to highlight my favorite featured photo’s post, which also has one of my favorite take-home points:

Surround yourself with people like these. The ones who can make you laugh. The ones who don’t judge. The ones who will make cheesy coffee mugs with you.

So thanks for hanging around for the last 8 months. I can only hope that the next 8 will prove to be more positive and equally enthusiastic. Thanks for contributing to the comments section or telling me in person how the things I post affect you.

My happiness glasses have been adjusted. They fit properly on my face. It’s time to see the happiness all around and I’ll be really careful to avoid sitting on my new specs! Don’t worry, these glasses can always be adjusted. Just take some time to read something uplifting, meditate, get out into nature, or do something kind for someone else. Getting your glasses adjusted may just be the secret to your future happiness.

All the best! Until next week!