Christmas Season Grumpiness

I have found myself with a case of grumpiness at the start of this Christmas season! It’s terrible! Grumpiness is NOT the way to begin the most wonderful time of the year. Not. At. All.

Let me count the ways:

  1. Christmas parties. SO MANY CHRISTMAS PARTIES! It shouldn’t be about the stress of going to somebody’s house every weekend of the season to celebrate. It shouldn’t be about the stress of hosting two parties less than a week apart. But I let it get to me… I need some yoga and meditation in my life. And some buffalo chicken dip.
  2. The traffic. USE YOUR BLINKER! I don’t know if it is just because I live in a college town, but this place is hopping with fellow travelers on the road, commuters, shoppers, students. Please just do me a favor and use your blinker. I have to get to all of my Christmas parties and your lack of courtesy puts me in a foul mood for stuffing my face and stealing presents Dirty Santa style.
  3. I am too good at giving gifts. IT’S A LOT OF PRESSURE! How can my sister and I top the sentimental gifts of year’s past? I mean, we knock it out of the park for my parents every year. And then when it comes to my individual giving, I stress over getting the perfect present and making the perfect crafty gift.

Christmas isn’t about the stress. So don’t let yourself fall into the trap I find myself in right now.

Let’s all crawl out of the stress hole. Let’s stop digging. Let’s reclaim our happiness… the season isn’t any fun when happiness is lost to grumpiness. Grumpiness breeds Grinches and I’d rather be Cindy Lou Who (without that funny looking hairstyle, amiright?).

How did I get rid of the grumpiness at the start of this season? Full disclosure, it’s a constant battle.

By taking a not-so-perfect-it’s-perfect family Christmas picture. See below.

From my family, to yours: no grumpiness allowed, let’s get this Christmas season started!!!

Ain't we cute?
FWIW: my sister is doing MUCH better. She was discharged on Thursday, we had Thanksgiving on Friday, and by Sunday we were finally enjoying Krispy Kreme donuts celebrating Momma’s birthday! PS- Happy Birthday, Ma!

In the comments section below, I want to know about your grumpiness around the holidays and how you try to center yourself again in the true spirit of the season.

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  1. First off, you are only grumpy in the mornings….. secondly, you do try to “outdo” yourself every year with your craft gifts. Stop! It truly is the THOUGHT that counts and no one is as thoughtful as you!! Third, and lastly, as I have matured in age and (hopefully) wisdom, I truly have come to realize that it is not the gifts but the togetherness that is most important. With you attending and hosting your Christmas parties and gatherings, there lies your gifts. It’s the people that you are fortunate to have in your life that truly matters. YOU. HAVE. SO. MANY. FRIENDS/GIFTS. Merry, Merry Christmas my love….. I can’t wait to receive my gift this Christmas…YOU!!

  2. Not sure its grumpy..LOL..but the Lack of compassion folks have for others these days makes me a lil unhappy… People not being courteous on the roads and just not having a kind spirit…its time to slow down. Slow way down and enjoy the moment and where you are in life and always remember the seeds we sow will be the harvest we reap…thanks for reminding me to smile not frown !!!…:)