By Popular Demand: R-U-N Race Bib Craft

Author’s note: this post doesn’t have anything related to choosing happy… unless you count the amazingly humbled happiness the response it was generate on social media! Wow, my happy tank is super full! Enjoy!


Merry Christmas to my mother and all the other half fanatics that have found their way to this post! By popular demand, I bring you “how to make a race bib craft that wows” or “how to make your mom cry at Christmas”. I’m just kidding, she didn’t cry… I have a video.


Step 1: go to any craft store and buy the letters (or numbers) you want

Some letters are big, some short, some are very thick (ideal for wrapping the bibs around the edges), some are thin. Get what speaks to you.


Step 2: buy Mod Podge and your favorite style brushes


I used foam brushes because I already had them. I also used matte Mod Podge because 8 years ago I bought a container and (the horror) never used it. Mod Podge is the best. We got well acquainted with each other this Christmas season.

Step 3: set up your bib layout prior to glueing everything down with the Mod Podge

I used 18 full bibs and scraps of 4 others to fully cover three letters.

I do not have a picture of this stage because, full disclosure, it was 9pm on a work night (the 18th) and I was racing the clock to get the project done before Christmas. Mod Podge has to be completely dry before you wrap it up!!!

Note: My mom had 20+ bibs hanging from her medal holder I made her 2 years ago. This thing is on the wall right by her bed. I had to sneak the bibs away in sets of 6 or so over the last 2 months just so she wouldn’t realize the medal holder was void of paper. Now it just has bling, as was intended initially. Special thanks to my sister for delivering some on December 11th. And thanks to Travis Booten for having Trivia Night on December 17th… the perfect “excuse” to drive 1.5 hours home to procure the rest of her bibs for the project!

Moving on! Step 4: paint on a smooth layer of Mod Podge

Step 5: place the bibs as you had already decided, it’s okay that some of the bib is hanging over the edge

Step 6: after letting the letters dry overnight (because remember I did this project on a work night), flip the letters upside down and go to work with your Exact-O knife! Follow the edges of the wooden letters and have a pair of scissors handy as needed. Note the scraps of race bib to the right of “U” in the photo below.


Step 7: use Mod Podge to tack down any areas of the bibs that aren’t glued down enough. You will get this stuff on your hands during this step, be prepared.

Step 8: paint a thin layer of Mod Podge across the top of the bibs and on the side to seal it. You can paint another layer after that one dries if you like.

And that’s it!


As for the edges of the letters, feel free to wrap the bibs around the sides, use ribbon or scrapbook paper, paint the sides… or just leave it natural like I did. It’s your project. Enjoy!

Post your results in the comments below!!

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