8 Months! Need Something?

8 Months? What do you need? What do I need?

To start a dream.
A fleeting thought that begins a snowball effect.
Ripples in the water.
Things grow, and the year is almost over.

I can’t tell you what you need to choose for your happiness… but maybe if I share my need then it could help you find yours!


How did I get here?

Choose Your Happy started up in April in a whirlwind of an afternoon. I bounced the idea off of my boyfriend and a close friend… they loved the idea and encouraged me to get it up and running.

My first true post was The Little Things. It was a valiant effort that aims to remind folks that life gets messy, but these little things shouldn’t eat away at our happiness.

One Space or Two? It Is Not Important was the first successful post. Evidently typography makes people happy. And my favorite line: “By choosing to let go of the minute details, I am choosing happy.”

I wrote a guest post on The Positivity Solution and cross-posted it on my blog. Having re-read it, I see some true gems for choosing happy. Walking Confidently Toward Happiness: breathe, focus, believe, do.

This summer saw a two-parter in the form of Life Is About Enjoying The Journey and Sometimes Life Is About The Destination. Metaphors are my favorite, and certainly the Hatfield McCoy Marathon fits the bill. The former proved to be the most popular post on my blog (at that time). The latter highlights not only the race, but it also has a blurb at the end regarding a friend who passed away this summer.

Doctor’s Rx: Happiness Glasses is a must-read simply for a picture of me in my glasses back in 1995. But the concept of putting on happiness glasses is an excellent one… something I haven’t been doing lately, I think.

Next week I’ll share some highlights from the second part of my blog year!

Where am I going?

What’s the point of highlighting some of my old posts? Bloggers around the world talk about linking within your blog to increase your views and gain more loyal readers. That’s not the point of my post today (although maybe a good unintentional effect?). The point is… my emotional hygiene has been poor lately. I haven’t been working on my happiness. I haven’t been choosing MY happy as of late.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/rni41c9iq54″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

I’ll be working on it as the New Year approaches… last week’s post was about Christmas Season Grumpiness, so obviously I am acutely aware of my lacking in the happiness department. I’ll be working, specifically, on NOT ruminating (click here to read the Psychology Today article if you don’t want to watch the above video).

I need to choose happy. I need to enjoy my journey & destination. I need to breathe, focus, believe, and do.

In other words, I need to listen to my own musings.

Of the above blog posts, which one has been your favorite? Which one has hit you the hardest? Which one has resonated most with your soul? Tell me below in the comments section!

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  1. One Space or Two? has really hit home, and is floating in my mind. A great reminder for when I compare myself to others, or feel like I am just focusing on details. Keep up the great work, friend.

  2. Since I’ve only been a Choose Your Happy blogger for just several weeks, I guess my most inspiring blog would be the Myrtle Beach Marathon…. Meeting you and your friends and just the accomplishment of the weekend left very special memories and continuing to follow your encouraging words….all this and the will and the drive to do more has me already scheduling more races and get a way trips….so thank you for the great smile and sharing your Happiness…yep its Satisfaction!!!

    1. Darren- I’ve been having trouble replying to my comments recently, but I updated my app and an back in business! I wish you nothing but more miles and even more smiles!!