Winter Is Coming…


Wait a second! It’s NOVEMBER!?!? And snow is on the ground?!?!

Time to hit the brakes at the above red light. Time to reevaluate what is truly coming up around the corner:


Does this word cause you to have a panic attack? Are you still bummed about the tough winter we had last year?

Get over it. Truth is, you can’t stop winter, so why don’t you embrace it instead?

The days are shorter.
The air is colder.
Christmas music is on the radio.

The horror!

Embrace it. Embrace winter in all its peace and splendor. Embrace winter in the few slightly warmer days that offer a reprieve from the bitter cold. Embrace winter for the chance for some outdoor play time.


Winter can arrive in the air much like how winter can arrive in your soul. Try your best to avoid crawling into hibernation until it passes. Deal with winter. No, thrive through winter. Both types of winter are inevitable, so might as well learn how to thrive!

I get through the winter season by getting outside. Building that snowman. Going skiing (or tubing if you find coursing down a mountain to be scary!). Cuddling up on the couch with my French press coffee and a fire.

Then mental winter is a little different, but the same concept applies. Be active throughout your winter. Every person has a different way to be active: meditation, seeing friends, forcing yourself to do things even when you don’t want to. You have to ACTIVELY choose to be happy throughout your winter. In fact, I think I remember writing about that ski trip in one of my first blog posts, Fake It Until You Make It. It’s part of the reason for how this blog got started in the first place… it was during winter. Not my mental winter, but the actual winter.

The androgynous skier will hunt you down if you are in hibernation during winter the season or winter the mental state. Be afraid.

So don’t go into hibernation during either of the two types of winter. Get out there, even if you have to grin and bear it. Remember, the only thing hibernation will get you is a nasty case of bed head.

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  1. I used to dread winter. Now I don’t. Even though it has started earlier this year, I am just taking life one day at a time. I have already dealt with some blows in life that is worse than winter. One thing about winter is: we will appreciate spring when it gets here! :)

  2. Some may get winter blues and grumpy attitudes, but I actually like winter. The chance to snow ski, build fires, chop wood, sip cider, and yes harvest a Christmas tree..:)….Saturday I cut the first of 250 tress I planted 7 years ago.. It was a very cool moment.. LOL…and without all the seasons things like that couldn’t happen…plus this time of year being a UPS guy makes a lot of kids and grown ups HAPPY !!…yes I enjoy winter and what ever it has to offer !!!!…stay satisfied !!! 😉