Who Inspires You?

Recently I was reminded that my blog is titled Choose YOUR Happy. So let’s put our thinking caps on today!

Who inspires you? Who inspires you to be more than you think you are? Who inspires you to grab your happiness when it is right in front of you? Who inspires you to choose YOUR happy when life sucks?


These women inspire ME. That’s my mother and sister running hard at the Marshall University Half Marathon last weekend. They are consistently amazing. Just keep running (fast, too!). Just keep running. Just keep running.

In the comments below, tell me about your parents. Tell me about your siblings. Tell me how they connect with you (or how their disconnect motivates you to live better or be better). I want to know about how your family inspire you!


My running friends inspire me. These girls are beautiful people and they are more than just smiling faces in 38º weather. Sure, we might not always run the same race, but we always get to the same finish line. They inspire me!

Tell me about those you want by your side: running a race, painting pottery, sitting on top of a mountain, in the passenger seat for a long road trip. Tell me about those people who make you laugh with memories so good words cannot begin to grasp the depth. I have to know.


I’m sandwiched in between two inspiring people! The one on the right got convinced it was a good idea to run a half marathon. In her training she was, like my mother and sister, consistent. She would say consistently slow, but I disagree and digress. Her “keep at it” attitude inspires me! While I tend to dive in with my passionate (sometimes too loud) attitude, I also tend to fizzle out. Not the woman on the right. She set her goal. She trained. She did it. That inspires me!

The woman on the left saw a friend in need of a friend. A buddy to help keep pace and to keep a smile on her face. Signed, sealed, delivered. That inspires me! People inspiring others inspires me!

I just have to know about those people you see lending helping hands, coming to another’s aid, lifting up spirits. I just have to know how their stories inspire your own. Tell me how it moves you!

Mile 1
Mike & Davey
Mile 13.1 Photo Credit: Bishop Nash Click photo to be taken to the Herald Dispatch photo gallery!


These two fellas absolutely knock my socks off with inspiration! Between the two of them, they’ve lost a BUNCH! of weight, set new PRs in lifting, running, smiling, and life in general. They inspire me. So much! I don’t think I have enough bandwidth on my site to support the love I have for you both and your journey… it’s more inspiring that mine. Congrats on your first long race. Heal up and get ready for the full marathon (1457 bib) and the half ironman (1700 bib).

Tell me. Share your thoughts on those you know who lost weight, got healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Tell me about how their rough road has encouraged you in your own journey. Please tell me. I’m stopping short of begging, but my curiosity is strong this morning. I’d love to know.

Who inspires you?

Your story is just as important as mine… it’s actually more important. This site sometimes provides a road map of my happiness journey, but I started it because I felt my story could help inspire. It’s not a groundbreaking story by any means. I’m just a regular girl who likes to travel, run, CrossFit, and cook. I want need to know your story. And I want to know about those who inspire you.

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  1. YOU inspire me Meghan Elkins!!!!!!!! I want to have your attitude, outlook and your love of life!!! Your “happy” is wonderfully contagious. Love you!!!!

  2. I’ve had the awesome privilege of going on 3 mission see family’s and small kids in such need of attention always breaks my heart.We are so fortunate to live like we do and where we do….experiences as these humbles me and really makes me stop and count my blessings….these trips have inspired me to be more compassionate, loving, giving, and to try my best to see the positive in all things….so in short, its the less fortunate that inspire me to be a better ME…..

    1. Being more compassionate, loving, and giving certainly are things that I hope to be as I continue my days here on earth. Your trips certainly are inspiring as well! So many don’t get the opportunity for something like that. Amazing!

  3. I spend time in the Word of God every day, letting Him speak to my heart. I also try to stay close to Family, and then Friends.