Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving can go two ways:

1. You get together with your family and the drama hits the fan. You dread the holiday all year and then let the closeness of family drive you insane for this one day.


2. You can spend the day remembering the awkward Thanksgivings of the past with your families, and staying optimistic for the Thanksgivings of the future.

Today, on this lovely November morning in the coalfields of West Virginia, the snow was falling with fervor. My mom & dad’s house was silent. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade wasn’t blaring on 3 TVs. The house didn’t smell like heaven from the turkey and casseroles baking in the oven. It was different from what I have been used to. My sister was in the hospital, and we may not celebrate Thanksgiving today… but we will celebrate it tomorrow or Saturday. And some future year we will smile & laugh about the year Taylor decided to try the hospital’s Thanksgiving meal.

Today, however, we will celebrate health, togetherness, and God’s infinite blessings. Today, tomorrow, and all the days of our lives we will celebrate Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving! That’s a good lookin’ Turkey and a better looking man. :)

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    1. Amen! I don’t know if my Christmas in the hospital will be a better story than Taylor’s Thanksgiving in the future.

  1. It’s difficult to put into words how rough the past few days have been and the next few. But I know that this family sticks together through the good and bad. I love you Meghan and thanks for being here!

  2. I sure hope Taylor is well and out of the hospital soon; this is something to TRULY be thankful for, Meghan!

  3. Yes, we all have so much to be thankful for. Love you guys! Love the pic of Stan. Glad she is feeling better!

    1. Kim! Taylor will now be feeling 110% better because she passed her stone. No more pain! No more meds!

      And he hasn’t said anything about his picture.