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The Happiness Mob Mentality

This week I have been in Denver, Colorado for my big girl job, and, like many conferences, we have been treated to luncheons. Sitting at one of them with a couple of strangers, and sitting at another one with a couple of friends, it hit me: the happiness mob mentality.

Oh, your food isn’t very warm?
Everyone at the table complains.

Oh, your ice melted before you could enjoy your iced tea?
Everyone at the table complains.

Oh, you can’t hear the speaker?
Everyone at the table complains.

That’s the mob mentality thinking in the classical sense.


Let’s change our thinking. Let’s consider the mob mentality from a different perspective. Let’s have a happiness mob mentality revolution!

I have been blessed this week to be surrounded by positive personalities. It hasn’t mattered if the bread was stale, if the coffee was weak, or if the chicken was cold. The tables I have been seated at have been full of happiness. The happiness had spread from person-to-person, growing with passion.

It is the opposite experience from the negative spiral of the traditional mob mentality.

But you know what? The happiness mob helped make for a more dynamic, a more immersive luncheon. We might not have learned a lot during the lectures since we were giggling over negotiating gluten-free plates, but we all enjoyed ourselves.

Happiness is a choice. Who do you choose to be around?

Choose to surround yourself with people who will light torches with a laugh while storming the unhappy castle. Better yet, instead of storming the unhappy castles, you and your happiness mob should just keep living your lives with a positive face.

And if you find yourself surrounded by people who are content with complaining, if you finding yourself unable to refuse to contribute to the negativity, I’m sure there is another table at your luncheon where you can find solace.

Don’t worry about forcing happiness on those who don’t want it… just keep doing what you are doing with a smile. The unhappy mob will eventually see your life. They’ll probably complain about that, too.

Surround yourself with people like these. The ones who can make you laugh. The ones who don’t judge. The ones who will make cheesy coffee mugs with you.

You’re in a happiness mob now. Welcome to the family!

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