Are You An Outgoing Introvert, Too?

Confession: I just wanted to be alone for a while last night.

I am writing this post from the far corner of my room, sitting on my floor, Garth Brooks Pandora station. I needed some alone time; I had to recharge my batteries. Such a cliched expression, but if the shoe fits…

Are you like me? Are you an outgoing introvert, too? Do you find yourself spending so much energy on others that you just come to a point of crankiness? “Is something wrong?” “Are you okay?” My answer is usually somewhere along the “no, I am perfectly fine, I just need some me time” lines. You, too?

Give, give, give your time… and your energy will run out at some point. And that doesn’t make for a very happy Meghan. Cranky Meghan isn’t very fun to be around.

So Cranky Meghan goes off on her own for a bit. She can’t help it, so just let her go.

And this desire to be outgoing?… sometimes a lot of the time it finds me in really awkward moments.

I should be here and not in being weird in a group of super cool people. Nice morning sunlight, coffee, and a manicure! This picture is old!
I should be here and not in being weird in a group of super cool people. Nice morning sunlight, coffee, and a manicure! This picture is old!

Do you find yourself socially awkward, trying to be the center of attention, acting above your personality for that attention? I do, and this behavior isn’t on purpose by any means. If given the choice, I really wouldn’t act that way. I feel as if these actions come about because of some desire for people to like me or to gain some sort of validation from the crowd. BUT – I feel like that loud, sometimes obnoxious behavior in group setting backfires. I am just trying to be outgoing! #facepalm smh

Sure, I try giving my energy to anybody I see, making people happier, being encouraging during a race or a workout, but usually 1 or 2 things happen:

  1. I have no more energy left to give and I get cranky. Who wears a bad mood well? Not me.
  2. I realize I am being the loud version of myself I despise. And then I get cranky with myself.

Confession: I am not an extrovert!

It seems that sometimes my energy gets spent on others faster than I spend my two “extra” paychecks every year. How do I get back to recenter myself and regain some semblance of me?

  • Quiet Time
  • Some mid-1990s country music or blues
  • A moderately good book
  • My fireplace and French press coffee
  • Christmas music and decorating
  • A solo trip to the movies

Give me reflection. Let me have time for an internal dialogue that stops short of negative self-talk, but succeeds at helping me sort my feeling, actions, and behaviors.

Confession: I don’t like myself sometimes.

But I always love myself. I am me. You are you. Stop short of negative self-talk! That’s always my goal… and it’s a slippery slope to negativity land, so I usually have to be careful!

Outgoing Introvert? Cheers to you!

Here’s to not being able to stop talking even though you know you are saying super awkward things!

Here’s to reliving your gaffes over & over until you wake up your mind to fight off the negative self-talk!

Here’s to all of those you who think you are an extrovert but really just want to go home and curl up with a book!

Here’s to you. To me. To every outgoing introvert who relishes charging the lithium ion batteries that keep us going every day. That keep us prime for our awkward social interactions. Our power button lit for making newcomers feel welcome to a group we are in.

I, for one, am happy to give my energy to you if you need it. Just let me recharge a bit first if I’m a bit cranky. :) You’ll appreciate it later, I hope.

Introvert? Extrovert? Outgoing? Shy? Loud? Quiet? Tell me about YOU!

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