I Need A Cheat Sheet For Life

Well, I had planned to write about #1 on this list from Buffer, but that was kind of a fail.

Instead, I just a need a cheat sheet to get through life lately. Who wants to write me one?

Recently, a friend posted something on social media about a certain online personality claiming to be a role model and basically convincing you it was a good idea to read his or her posts. Not a bad thing, necessarily, but this person also writes about how all-the-time-amazing he or she is… I read a bit for myself, and I could digest this person’s content by nibbling, but it’s hard to defend the author’s tone when I tried to digest the five-course meal of his/her false reality.

No one is perfect. Why does this person write about his or her constantly perfect life?

No one has his life together, including (and sometimes especially) me. I’m just here for the free food most of the time. My life is usually on the go, which is how I like it, but I feel not quite myself lately… it’s almost like I’ve been on cruise control. That’s not a perfect life. And I’m not here to write about my perfection.

Again, I need a cheat sheet for life!

Example 1:

  • Wednesday. Leave work, go past home directly to gym, change clothes, take off shoe + sock on left foot. Where are my running shoes? I have to run sprints! Go back home, frantically search for shoes. See a pair of pink Brooks Glycerins, 4 sizes too big, way too clean, nope–my sister’s pair. Grab old pair that had dried mud on them, go back to gym. Cursed my old shoes throughout the sprints, head home. Walk in door. Look down. See:
Not my sister's shoes... mine. #facepalm
Not my sister’s shoes… mine. #facepalm

I think I need to take time to breathe. Cheat sheet, right? Perhaps sometimes what you pick up might actually be what you are looking for if you take the time to breathe?

Example 2:

  • Tuesday. It’s time to register for a meeting + dessert reception (?free food). Log-in. Fail. Log-in. Fail. Search for password. I’m putting in the right credentials! Log-in. Fail. Oh, wait, upper right corner: Welcome, Meghan.

Sure, I can blame the website for its technical nuances/shortcomings. But if I had glanced down at my cheat sheet then I would have seen “look at the whole page for signs that your login was successful” before I would have gotten frustrated. I can’t change the website, but I can take the time to measure my reaction better.

Example 3:

  • Early September. Remember the Diva’s Half Marathon in DC? It almost didn’t happen for me because I forgot to complete my registration!!! Luckily, my mother and also our friend who ran with us caught my blunder… I suppose they were my walking/talking/living/breathing cheat sheets. Fill in your information, then click submit.

I told my friend that true role models don’t declare that they are. Do I even WANT to be a role model? Sometimes. That’s a lot of pressure. But I’m not going to write about my illusionary perfection on this blog. Because I, Meghan the Magnificent, am not perfect. I have a yearly pass for the struggle bus. And I rock my cheat sheets.

Did you know I was a magician in a former life? I have one trick.

Now… what’s next? checks cheat sheet It’s time for my call to action!

Tell me how often you ride the struggle bus to work, the gym, or even to the grocery store and how a cheat sheet could make that process so much easier! Let’s all start creating our cheat sheets for life!

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