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Happiness Is: Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon Weekend

Today’s post is perhaps the start of a new series: “Happiness Is:”

Happiness Is: Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon Weekend

To give you a quick summary, I worked on Friday, picked up two fabulous ladies that afternoon, headed off on an 8+ hour trip to Myrtle Beach, got to the hotel pretty late, walked on the beach, got free coffee at Starbucks the next morning, spent way too much time and $$ at the race expo, met new friends, outlet mall, saw old friends (x2!), ate good food, had bad indigestion, slept hard, ran harder, PR’d, was nauseous for 4 hours, drove home. And then I went to the dentist the next day. Whirl-wind, I know.

Happiness Is…

  1. A Chuck Taylor Sole Sister
  2. Long drives in the fall (I think I’ve discussed that here, too!).
  3. New mornings on the ocean.
  4. Posed pictures in front of race expo banners. Got to love my running man pose (may be confused with “I’m gonna punch the person next to me out” pose)!
  5. Random stranger deal-striking (1-for $20 or 2-for-$35). Please note, I was approached first. Special thanks to Darren Jolley of North Carolina fame for helping us both save $2.50 on those race fuel belts. And a big congrats! to his wife and him on completing their first Half Marathon! Welcome to the crazy family. :)

Happiness Is…            (Note: should be 6-10, but WordPress is being finicky. If you are a WP genius and you know how to break up a numbered list with pictures then please contact me so I can edit this post and learn for future Happiness Is entries!)

  1. Running in to old classmates! Shout out to Dr. Dave!
  2. Arranging a mini golf tournament with a long-lost friend. xoxo
  3. Searching up and down the strip to find waffles at 7pm. We found them at Friendly’s!
  4. Getting hotel trash bags to maintain warmth while waiting at the start line. They were so delicate!
  5. Having ready-made friends with my fellow Half Fanatics. Pictured below is Mark, but there were several others who I loved running with, yo-yoing with, and congratulating after the race.

Happiness Is…

  1. An 8-inch medal, my Half Fanatics singlet, Imodium, and the sunlight reflecting off the ocean.
  2. Patiences… I just couldn’t get these two to wake up. (HAHAHAHA, yeah………)
  3. A PR and my first for realsies negative split!
  4. Someone else being willing to drive!
  5. AND the best finisher photo ever. To be fair, the preview says “do not copy” and I took a picture of a picture. Thanks Sport Photo, but I can’t afford $39.00 on a digital copy of one photo just to use on my blog. I spent too much money at the race expo, remember?!?!

The race was a lot of fun, and it’s fairly flat profile led to an almost 5 minute PR but some of the worst nausea I’ve ever had. Was it worth the long trip and the Imodium???? Absolutely. PRs area always worth it.

I’ll be back next year, but this time I’ll also be bringing my mother and sister. They’d demolish this course!

Oh, and jump in to the comments section below and give me your opinion on my best. ever. finisher photo pictured above!!

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  1. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, lives life to the fullest such as you!! When I grow up, I want to be like you!

  2. Great report Meg!!!…glad to be apart of such a Happy group…yes I am hooked and thanks for the congrates and encouraging words…I’m very interested in making a trip up for some mtn biking….keep up the good work… One last question..LOL…I’m not blond, but what is a PR?…LOL. Is that public relation?…hope I haven’t embarrassed myself. Lol

    1. Nope! No embarrassment here… personal record = PR! West Virginia has tons of trails ready for mountain biking, keep in touch!

  3. It was great meeting you. I am sure in are running adventures that we will cross paths again. I might even make it up to your neck of the woods next year for the Hatfield and McCoy’s race.

    1. Williamson, WV & the Tug Valley Road Runners Club would love to have you! Great meeting you, too. Keep in touch!!