A Direction to Lessons Learned?

Last Wednesday night I was at a meeting and someone had left that day’s newspaper on a table. My favorite comic strip has always been Family Circus, so I flipped over to that section. No famous circle one-panel chuckle for me was in the stars that night, but the Peanuts offering made me giggle out loud– and it even made me snap a picture of it!

My picture might be a little too grainy for the Internet. Here’s the “original”.


Snoopy & Woodstock. The latter is going south for the winter. The former wishes him good luck. Woodstock flies the wrong way and two panels later flies back in the right direction. Snoopy thinks, “I knew he was going the wrong way, but I didn’t say anything,” with a grin.

Are you Snoopy? You probably know someone going in the wrong direction in life, but can’t (or won’t, or don’t know how?) say anything. Your friend, the bird, has to learn on his own! He has to learn from his mistakes so he can remember which way is south. I don’t see Snoopy as having any malicious intent in the above comic… in my eyes he’s just letting his friend do his thing.

Are you Woodstock? Do you constantly find yourself having to turn around to get in the right direction? You might hope that a friend would call you out in  your errors! You just want to be shown the right direction.

But, the truth is, we are all Snoopys and Woodstocks simultaneously. We have all made our own mistakes. We have all watched our friends choose the wrong direction.

And sometimes the opposites are true: we fly south on the first try, we speak up before our friend gets too far off course.

The point is: right and wrong do not exist individually. The world is not black & white, it’s every shade of grey and every color combination/saturation/brightness/Instagram filter we can imagine.

Try your best to be unafraid of lessons you can learn a la Woodstock. You’ll get headed in the right direction at some point. And next time you’ll get to be the stand-in for Snoopy. Tell your friends, let them learn on their own… either way, it’s okay.

Good grief! Let’s get this Thursday started!