Married to Snooze

Last week began day 1 of my #21daysearly challenge. Pause for a second (but be sure to come back to finish my post!) and click on over to Felipe’s post to get a rundown of what he did for 21 days. I’ve modified it to 5am, but the spirit of my challenge is the same.

It’s not going well.

Let’s put it this way…

morning bear

And my hair looks like this:

uncle jesse's hair
Okay, maybe it doesn’t even look this good…

The point is:


But I want them to be. I would like to use the precious morning hours as a time to get chores done, workout, actually enjoy my coffee.

So I started the challenge… unwillingly.

I got a text on Sunday evening from Ashley.

And a public Facebook callout on Monday night.

Both days… 5am… coffee… alive.

Come Wednesday, I figured 3 days in a row would be a piece of cake. I was so wrong.

I realize I am married to my snooze.

But the plus side: I did get up at 6:30am! It might not sound like much, but that extra 30 minutes has helped me accomplish a lot in the mornings that my evenings just can’t sustain. Laundry, washing dishes, I feel like I’ve been superwoman these last 4 days.

Bottom line is that 5AM (my target time) is so much easier when you have a workout scheduled at 5:45am. Without the workout, I’ve been failing with the snooze button, but getting divorced from snooze is something that I will get to work on these next 3-4 weeks.

The morning is there and I know there can be more happy in my life if I embraced the peace of the wee hours.

Would you like to join me on this challenge? Leave a note at the bottom in the comments!

morning animal
I want to be a part of the crowd.


PS- now you all have been introduced to my love affair with memes. Married to snooze, having an affair with memes.