Divas Want Flat & Fast!


Thousands of women (and about 20 men) converged on DC Wine Country for the Divas ® Half Marathon last weekend. I would like to share my experience and how it relates to happiness (much like I’ve done with the Hatfield McCoy Marathon here and here).


This group of Divas were promised an easier, flatter, and faster course compared to last year’s route! This group of Divas were in for a rude awakening.

As a Diva, I expect certain things: pink, tiaras, roses, estrogen. I got all that plus beautiful scenery and shirtless men handing out medals.

Easy on the eyes, tough on the allergies.

A Diva expects to be wined (I didn’t have any that was offered) and dined (I couldn’t eat anything afterward). Heck, a Diva almost expects someone to run the course FOR her. So an easier, flatter, and faster is about the best option for all the Divas running.

That rude awakening? Oh yeah, we all got one.

There were hills. Lots of hills along the 13.1 miles. Each race provides a learning opportunity for you to find what makes up your heart & mind. Divas DC proved that we all had fortitude. We also found we could push past our Diva expectations of easier, flatter, and faster– we all took the challenge of the hills like the tough Divas we were at heart.

Give us our pink, our tiaras, our roses. And we’ll give our sweat and tears in return.


The run was tough from the beginning. My calves cramped at mile 2. My feet ached. My lower back had a lingering fire. And the hills kept coming through every subdivision we travelled through.

Expectations > Reality

What kind of mindset would you have been in after reading and hearing that the toughest challenges of the course had been removed for you?!

Are you always on the lookout for a rude awakening?!

I’m not. No Diva ever is, right?

But my entourage and I all got one.

We all will face challenges. Sometimes someone may remove a few for you, but it won’t ever be easy. Just don’t stop. Keep going.

And when you go in with the expectations of having a Divas experience, don’t be surprised if there’s a banner at the end that says, “Surprise, Bitches”. Easier, flatter, and faster is just an illusion. Instead, you get challenging, hilly, and faster-just-because-you-want-it-to-be-done.

Take your tiara, receive your rose, and be excited that you survived the unending hills to get your medal.

Overall: fun experience, super challenging, great friends and family time, fabulous race bling, and the memory of a sweet PR on a super tough course. Sounds like my idea for life!

Terry and I were at least still upright 5 hours after the race!

Feel free to jump down to the comments section below and let me know if you’ve raced in DC’s wine country with the Divas company or if you’ve had a similar experience elsewhere.

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  1. Love traveling with a great bunch of ladies. We were in for a rude awakening with the hills, but overall was a fun run, beautiful country, nice families to cheer us on that early in the morning. Just wished the course would have ran through more of the vineyards instead of subdivisions, I’m sure private land and insurance was reasons for not being able to do that. Overall was a wonderful Diva weekend. The bling was nice. The skies parted midday and we had a beautiful afternoon enjoying shopping and dinner. What more could Divas ask for?

  2. THE hardest half I’ve ever done! I was completely caught off guard with the continuous stream of hills…. “geez, not another one!” Overall, I am SO glad I got to do this race, especially with my sweet daughters and my dear friend! 2-2 1/2 hours of torture for a fab weekend, I’ll take it!