I’m Tired of Searching for Happiness

Wow, I can’t believe I finally admitted my simmering thoughts via the headline of this post.

Do you ever feel tired, worn-out, or beat-down in your search for happiness? For money? For friends? For love?

My hand is raised.

Sometimes it seems as if you want something so bad, but it is always just out of reach. Sometimes your happy place is around the corner… you just KNOW it!

I think that I have been feeling this way lately because I have felt not-so-happy lately. I have been running through the motions:

  • Smile… check
  • Say hello… check
  • Tell a funny joke… check
  • Give thanks… check

It’s time that I realize what I REALLY need to be doing. Do you need to do the same?

Do not seek the treasure!

Do Not Seek the Treasure GIF

You and I both need to remember that happiness is already in our hands. We don’t need to go seek it. We need to open our eyes to all of the happiness around. It’s all about being grateful for what we have and what we can do.

So I bring you my grateful list for this Thursday, August 21st morning:

  1. I have a great cup of coffee by my side made by my Keurig that I got on clearance because it was a color nobody else wanted.
  2. My shower had really hot water that scorched my skin when I stepped inside… and then I had the ability to turn down the temperature.
  3. My Wi-Fi is working so I could hammer out this post before I leave for work.
  4. The car that I love to complain about: it gets me to work in 16 minutes.

All four of those things are my happy treasure.


I drank out of my favorite coffee mug that I got from the time I traveled to Ireland. The hot water heater is turned up on purpose because I like to scorch myself in the mornings. My Wi-Fi has a password on it that I’ve carried over since 2006. And that car? It gets decent gas mileage.

Are you tired of searching for happiness? Don’t seek the treasure. Let it come to you through realizations throughout the day. The happiness is really all around you if you just take a moment to look up from your phone or out your window!

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  1. Wow, did this one ever hit home!! BTW: Oh Brother!!!,
    I truly believe that happiness lies within and is realized by being grateful!
    Therefore, My Grateful/Happy list:
    I am happy when my family is happy. I am happy that no one was under the ceiling when it collapsed. I am happy, even as stressful as it can be, that I have a job. I am happy that I have a cell phone to be available when my family needs me. I am happy for friends. I am happy, even though it’s a wreck, that I have hair because some don’t. I am happy for the ability to purchase good food, even when it feels like 80% of my pay is spent at the grocery store. I am happy for a beautiful patio in which to relax, even though I never do and the birds poo all over it and it works me to death. I am happy that my husband puts up with me. I am happy that I have the ability to run, when so many people wish they could just take another step but can’t :( I am happy that I have a daughter that likes to be with me, 24/7. I am most happy that I have another daughter that allows me to be a part of her “happy” life :)

  2. Thank you, T!!! I loved this comment because it was a stream of consciousness that was just pure and full of energy, exhaustion, and passion. I updated the post to you can see the GIF now. 😉