I Can’t, But We Can

WE are so much stronger than ME.

-Meghan E.


Running is an individual sport. CrossFit is all about me. I do a good deed so I alone can benefit. Me. Me. Me.



Running is not solitary. Training partners, fellow racers, the guy you give the “I’m exhausted but I’m gonna throw my hand up slightly” wave to on your morning job… all these people get you through your miles. WE. We are so much stronger than me.

My friend Tiffany can’t physically help me get a back squat PR, but she can certainly cue me to help me stand up with the weight. WE. We are so much stronger than me.

Let’s look at it this way: I want you to do an impossible task, but it is only impossible if you try to do it yourself. In order for you to succeed you have to have at least one other person by your side. Your response to me should be, “I can’t, but we can.” Let this phrase be your mentality. Look at your task with confidence because you know that you will succeed. But, wait…

I can’t, but we can.

Sure your problems are your own, but any problem is easier to bear when you share your struggle with someone else. The act of talking about it is likely enough to help your troubled mind. I can’t, but we can. You are not strong enough on your own, nor are you expected to be strong enough on your own, to escape your problems.

Remember– WE are so much stronger than ME. So let a friend, a stranger, a therapist, your brother, let someone help you.

I wish I could give you a specific way that one of the aforementioned persons can help you get one more mile or stand up out of the hole, but I can’t. Every situation and every person is different. Don’t be afraid to let your guard down in order to face your struggles. Don’t be afraid to let a friend help you in his own unique way.

Avoid: “I can’t.”

Remember: “I can’t, but we can!”

In closing, I want to say congrats to Cortney, who has recently joined our running group. She started a couple of weeks ago and she said that she couldn’t even run 200m. Monday night we were running 4-400 meter sprints and she reached her goal!

How? Say it with me: I can’t, but we can!

She was tired and dreading the last interval. So WE were stronger than SHE and we all actually joined her for the last 400 meters. She ran 200 meters before stopping to walk and she finished off the last 175 meters at a great pace. After she crossed the line she said, “that was my fastest 400, too!”

Do you agree that WE are stronger than ME?