Smack That Scowl off Your Face

My mother told me last week, “quit scowling, relax your face.”

I wasn’t scowling, was I?

I tried to relax, let go of stress, calm down, or whatever it was that put the crease on my forehead in the first place. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you what was bothering me, but it obviously was written all over my face.


Choose Your Happy is founded on the premise that we can consciously create happiness.

What occurs when you consciously create UNhappiness?

You are probably now thinking of some things that make you unhappy, right?

Some of you might pause for a moment on a thought, let it briefly stir emotions, and then you let it go. It does not have time to register in your soul or upon your forehead.

Some of you might pause longer on a thought. The emotions stir and you don’t let it go immediately. You let it ruminate in your soul. You folks are like me in that you show your consciously created unhappiness through your scowl. It’s not a pretty look, I’ve been told.

The second group, the scowlers, refuses to let go of the negative energy that is unavoidable. Let me restate that: you cannot avoid the bad stuff forever. Consciously created unhappiness is not a result of the bad stuff alone. Consciously created unhappiness is a result of how you react to the bad stuff.

You might need a reminder to smack that scowl off your face.

That reminder serves a wonderful purpose: happiness is not permanent, but neither is unhappiness. You must work at your happiness every day, every hour, every moment. The scowl will come and go. Happiness will come and go.

If you realize you are scowling, smack it off your own face. If someone asks you why you are troubled, thank that person for the reminder. Be mindful of that unhappiness we all carry. Accept it and then let it go. Relax your face and choose your happy.

Don’t consciously create unhappiness!

I am telling you, don’t let your unhappiness set upon your forehead. Get rid of your scowl.

I want to know: please tell me about your unhappiness wrinkles!

My most prominent unhappiness wrinkle is a deep vertical crease between my eyebrows but closer to the left one. It has been grooved over time with countless bouts of frustration and stress, but it was also created with endless hours studying, intense video game concentration, and all those teenage years when I thought my parents were idiots.

For the record, neither one of them was an idiot. At the time, I was.

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    1. Haha, yep. That’s another post for another day. And you can bet on me writing a “don’t be so myopic” post sometime in the near future!

      Thanks for reading, Jill.