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Five Things That Make Me Happy

Occasionally I will bring you a more lighthearted topic.

This post was inspired by a couple of books, articles, and blog posts that have been recommended to me lately. They all seem to challenge you to write down the little things that you are grateful for, or that make you happy, or that are positive influences in your life.

Life can be a serious struggle, much like I described in Life Is About Enjoying the Journey and Sometimes Life is About the Destination.

Do we always have to take ourselves seriously? I think not.

Take a moment today to write down five “little things” that make you happy.

And without further ado, I bring you my…

Five Things That Make Me Happy

  1. The Chips at the Bottom of the Bag
  2. Sunsets: Anytime, Anywhere
  3. Random Text Messages From _______
  4. Golf Balls and the Associated Memories
  5. A Great Pen

The Chips at the Bottom of the Bag

You know, the small ones. The crumbs. I’ve always enjoyed these chips. I love tilting my head back as they slide down the bag, bringing the highest concentration of flavor with them. I also enjoy using my finger to get the ones out of the corner, but I don’t do that at work. The hospital is full of microbes. Yuck.

Which chips? Top five, in order:

  • Snyder’s (of Berlin) Bar-B-Q
  • Snyder’s (of Berlin) Sweet’n Sassy
  • Flaming Hot Cheetos
  • Spicy Nacho Doritos
  • Jimmy John’s Salt & Vinegar

I guess you can say I like my chips with a little spice.

Sunsets: Anytime, Anywhere

Okay, so I suppose that sunsets kind of have a scheduled time. But I adore them. Sometimes I feel as if I get lost in their brilliance. I allow the colors to create peace in my soul, much like the peace that settles across the sky after a busy day.

I recently wrote an “Ode to the Sunset” in my journal.

Here’s a small sampling of the sunset photos from my phone’s camera roll. I have more! I can’t help myself.

Sunset Collage

Random Text Messages From _______

This week my fill-in-the blank is my mom. A text message from her made me have a literal LOL moment, which is when I realized how much I enjoy the randomness. It might not make you laugh that way (or even at all), but the text made me feel as if I were a part of their trip. The message and picture landed on my phone during one of the busiest times of my morning: what a welcomed interruption!


Random texts mean so much to me. You want to fill up my love tank? Send me a random text message! It works almost as well as a small gift at making my day. The smile I get from these short notes continues from my face to my soul, and it ends up permeating my actions. Text messages can be a great pick me up!

Golf Balls and the Associated Memories

I absentmindedly left a golf ball in my pocket after playing this weekend, so when I got in my car I quickly stashed it in my center console… where it proceeded to rattle around endlessly. It finally drove me crazy on my Monday morning commute, so I snatched it up to keep it from making so much noise as I flew cautiously made my way around the curves.

It was still in my hand when I sat down at my desk 10 minutes later.

The golf ball reminds me of so many positive life moments. It also brings back a few that I would like to forget. But they all serve a better purpose in my memory. They make me a better person when I take a moment to reflect on the times in my life.

I am still looking for a hole-in-one.

A Great Pen

Perhaps this one is self-explanatory; I know there are many of you like me in the world. A great pen evokes confidence in writing. It effortlessly spills out the contents of your soul onto your favorite paper.

I prefer ball-point, but I am also very fond of fine-point gel pens. My go-to writing tool, a government-issued Skillcraft ball-point, is pictured below, but my all-time favorite, without a doubt, is a classic Zebra Pen F-301.

A Pen & a Draft

Take a Moment Today to Write Down Five of Your Happy Things

Perhaps you will find that you already have all you need for happiness?

Leave a comment below with two of your favorites and also let me know what you think about my choices! Bonus points if you send me a random text message with your comment!


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  1. I too love sunsets and good pens. My favorite now is a ball point that a title company guy gave to me.
    Happy things.
    1. Pouring Rain
    2. Nature

  2. 1.The sound of a two-stroke dirtbike being ridden hard.
    2.My dog catching a frisbee mid-air
    3. The smell of a well-used garage.
    4. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    5. Socks being paired together in drawers.

  3. Great read Meg! I really have never “thought” about “things” that make me happy. Off the top of my head, THE thing that makes me truly happy is when us 4 are together. I love the feeling after I’ve accomplished something, especially a run! But the most important thing that makes me the happiest is when my girls and husband are happy!! xoxo