Doctor’s Rx: Happiness Glasses

Raise your hand if you have to wear glasses!

What trees are supposed to look like, right?
Patient: “No, doc, my vision is fine, I see GREAT! I have no trouble driving.” Me: “Sure.”

I started wearing glasses in 1994. I saw up close without any problems, but the world beyond my arms was a blur. And then I finally got my lenses… wow!

Did you know that the trees have leaves? It’s true! I didn’t realize it completely, but with my new “fashionable” specs I could actually SEE! The trees have leaves and they are beautiful.

Flash forward 20 years and you find me: a 30-year-old optometrist who gets to provide the gift of sight at every distance. Near, far, in between. Clarity!

Clarity is an interesting concept. I was nearsighted without my glasses, I couldn’t see far away. I was myopic. And my friends, even with my glasses (and now that I have had LASIK), sometimes I’m still myopic. It is in those times that I need to put on a different type of spectacle correction.

I am going to prescribe you happiness glasses!

The leaves have trees! Wait....
Patient: “Oh, wow, woah, yeah!” Me: “Now don’t lose your new glasses, okay?”

Please realize that happiness glasses are a privilege! By putting on the most stylish pair of glasses you will have ever worn you will be able to see the future results of your choices from today. You will have clarity for your life.

Imagine being able to see how your reaction to a friend’s frustrated words today affects your friendship. Your reaction today could tear your friendship apart or bring you closer tomorrow. Putting on happiness glasses is the prescription you need! These glasses will allow you to choose the reaction that will lead to the best happiness possible tomorrow, or the next day, or the next year.

The knee-jerk reaction is easy to allow yourself to do. But your future happiness is blurry because you fail to allow yourself to consider it; the knee-jerk reaction is done without consideration for the consequences! You can’t see far away.

Let’s face it… you need these glasses. My post-LASIK eyes need these glasses. We are myopic and we all get to wear them!

By putting the happiness glasses on, we are able to see far away and finally look at all the little leaves that make up our happiness trees!

Happiness glasses are the best prescription you’ll ever receive!

And remember, they will be the most stylish ones you’ll ever get to wear, too. Probably much more stylish than these beauties:


What things make up the leaves of your happiness trees?