Connect With Another Heartbeat

Monday night found me in a room with a group of people I did not know well at all. We joined hands in a circle, and I could feel my heartbeat in rhythm with the gentleman on my left and the one on my right. The moment struck me clearly: these strangers might not know me, but they know me.

Our heartbeats were all one.

Did you ever go to camp? Camp Horseshoe was my favorite place in my late teens. As the fire would die down, so would our tone until we would all join hands to sing, come along stranger, come along friend, I may not pass this way again. The leader would squeeze one hand until it would go all the way around the circle. Like our heartbeats.


Choose Your Happy is a blog about how YOU can actually define your happiness.

But is happiness alone a solitary endeavor?
Do you feel like you are aimlessly floating through space?
Do you feel like your happiness pulse has flatlined?

CLEAR! Step away from yourself, it’s time that we shock your soul and jump your heartbeat. We’re in search of a steady happiness pulse; so let’s explore some examples of how you can connect with others to bring your happiness mojo back from flatline.

  1. Think about how good you feel inside when someone else likes the exact same obscure 1990s film as you.
  2. Imagine meeting someone at a 5K running your pace and having the same breathing difficulties that you have every time.
  3. See the smile appear on someone else’s face when you hand them the exact change they need so they don’t have to break a $20.

These examples are linked by one theme: connection.

Give it a try. Seek out the connections. If you simply look for a connection around you, you will get the electrical shock. It is amazing feeling it run through your body. And it is amazing how you can feel when your happiness pulse returns.

What is even better than feeling your own happiness pulse?

Feeling the heartbeat of every person you connect with… Reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this world a better place if you can.

Your connections can be fleeting. They can be the beginning of friendships. Either way, when you experience it you will also have a feeling of being anchored to this world. For at least a moment you do not have to feel like you are floating aimlessly.


Here is me seeking out a connection with you: share with me a time when, even if for a brief moment, you felt that someone really “got” you and how it made you feel inside.

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  1. A boat without anchor can never be still. Without connections, people float aimlessly as well. But what is it about such encounters that enrich us? I think we all need to feel a sense of trust. And empathy, that no matter the endeavor, someone else has experienced the same feelings, circumstances, etc.

    Sometimes we’re the helper and other times we’re aided. Either way, we are made better by these moments of association. They are a cornerstone of healthy living, the opposite of meaningless isolation. Reach out.

    1. Meaningless isolation sounds like the worst death sentence a judge could ever hand down on a person. Keep seeking out all those moments of association!