The Storm is Rolling In

Smile & Ditch Your Umbrella

Are you happy?

The Storm is Rolling In

Like really, really happy?

Every day gives you a chance to be happy, it’s just up to you to make the decision.  Change your focus of life events.  Change your perspective.  You might not be able to change your circumstances, but every person can find a moment, a song, a smile, a friend, a sunrise that can let you step out from under the storm clouds.

A moment where companionship has a chance to shine… seeing old friends greet each other at the airport.  It might not be your moment, but it is in a way.  Certainly you can look on as those old-souls embrace, maybe even as they cry tears of joy, and see no one around you heralding your safe landing.  You could consider their friendship with a heap of resentment.  Or you could take comfort in their love.  Maybe I am just a softie, but anytime I am in an airport without a friend in sight, I look around at all the people meeting up, making connections; I can’t stop my heart from swelling.  These folks are not just making a plane connection, they are connecting with other souls.  The motivation for finding my own connections gets magnified: that’s what I need in my life.  Maybe you could have that same want for another soul to connect to yours, too?

Songs have a way of speaking to our own souls if you let them.  A sad one when you are down, an angry one to get you amped, a happy one if you need a grin.  There’s actually research into this stuff!  My happy song is Kodachrome, by Paul Simon.  For no particular reason, that song affects me.  It instantly elevates my mood!  What is your happy song?  What do you listen to when you need to get happy? 


Smiles, a friend, and sunrises… put them together and what is created?  Life.  Don’t have a friend?  The sun is going to rise regardless.  And most people can smile.  All it takes is a shift in your focus to the opportunities a new morning can bring you.

Sure, it might be raining.  Sure, you could carry the black cloud around with you.  But who cares if it is raining if you are smiling?  Who cares if the rain clouds are partially obstructing the sun as it crests over the horizon?  Enjoy the new opportunity.  Enjoy the rain as it gently kisses your face.  Smile.  Let the good in life rain down on that smile.  And once you put away your umbrella, your negative energy, you can start to see the sunshine.  And in the sunshine is the best place to be.


My happy does not look like yours, so this site is also for YOU!  I encourage you to comment about your happy with me via the contact page.  I’d like to know about your happy songs, walking in the rain, and the best sunrise you’ve ever seen.

Remember: I choose my happy, choose yours!


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