Better Days Through Song and Music

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Sound has tremendous potential to move us. It can help us feel emotion, cause us to think, relieve tensions and awaken personalities. Music can provide an outlet for us to better understand ourselves and relate with others. In short, it can enrich our lives.

Music grabs our attention, and when we just listen, it can transform a mindset plagued by anxiety into an outlook filled with optimism. This is perhaps one of the healthiest forms of escape and stress relief.

Combine good lyrics with instruments that peak your senses, and listening can shift from a simple escape into an emotional experience.

We each have preferences of song and sound, but personally, guitars and drums rock my world, and I am thankful for the artists who have created moving music.

Here’s one quick example that has impressed me.

From “Where Are You Going?” by Dave Matthews Band

Are you looking for answers, to questions under the stars?
If along the way, you are growing weary, you can rest with me until a brighter day
It’s okay, where are you going, where do you go?

Everyone is wandering through life with a different sense of purpose. But the more we experience it together, the better off we are, regardless of where we are going.

Sometimes we listen alone and other times we connect with others through music. Either way, when songs flow through our days, the result is most often a greater feeling of happiness.

Feel free to comment about an artist, song or musical experience that has impacted you.

Jason-KeelingChoose Your Happy blog is expanding to feature writers who share visions of happiness. This first guest post is from Jason Keeling, often inquisitive and searching to grow personally, whether through reading, writing, or CrossFitting.

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  1. Without a doubt, music can change my mood in the blink of an eye. Want that “Summer feeling”? After a stressful day, I roll down the windows, pop open the sunroof, and blast my favorite tunes. Instant happy!

  2. Great post Jason. It has provoked me to ask myself what I listen to when I want to find happiness. Thanks for the read!

  3. I really like the way music can connect me to a pleasant memory from my past. You can hear a song and be transported to a different place in time.

  4. To address T. Elkins and Jen in one thought, consider “Summertime” by D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, it is certainly a great sunny season tune and it takes me back through memories.

    Ya know Ray, I think listening to ANYTHING can provoke happiness, heck I even found a study that contends For Some, Sad Music Can Bring Happiness.

    Meghan, I’d have to say there’s no magic bullet song for reducing stress at day’s end, but there are a few tracks that always impress me, like The Verve’s “Lucky Man,” “Satellite” by Guster, or Ben Harper’s “Jah Work” and “#3,” just to name a few.

    Thanks everyone for the feedback, it helps create the kind of community conversation we’re going for at Choose Your Happy.

  5. Music is so enriching. It is amazing how the mind and body respond to environmental stimuli with the influence of a song. When I am stuck in the horrible traffic that is any place within a 75-mile radius of Boston I put on the classical music station. This station is even advertised as the antidote to road rage. You’re right, Jason – music is pretty amazing!

    1. Music as antidote, nice. Isn’t classical music supposed to also make one smarter. I’m more of a classic rock kind of guy. Although it doesn’t exactly increase the intellect, it is quite conducive to loud outbursts of yelling and singing! Thanks Gillian.