Golf, Sunset, Happy

The Little Things

Little things in life can bring us down or lift us up.

Golf, Sunset, Happy

Not having encountered life-changing events like cancer, losing a job or the death of a parent, I can only imagine how they would impact a person. Those situations are bigger than my current experiences.

However, I have experienced those little things that tend to eat away at happiness: a flat tire when I’m running late, overdrawing my checking account, not having any clean underwear, getting behind a bus when I just want to get home after work, three putting for bogey, forgetting to wash my favorite coffee mug.

And many times I have knee-jerk reactions. I want to throw my putter across the green. Want to cry because I’m stuck on the side of the road. I frantically check for other balance discrepancies. I worry. Curse. And I let the little things negatively affect my life.

When losing positive focus, that’s when I have to remind myself: Choose Your Happy.

The little things are everywhere. So next time maybe I’ll just go “commando” and giggle through a bit more uncomfortable day. Maybe I’ll think about kids on the bus and recall memories of grade school rambunctiousness. Google “how to change a flat tire”. I just use a different coffee mug and move on with the day.

Why do we let those little things ruin the beauty of life?? It’s not worth falling apart over some bad golf swings. I’m not playing in the Masters for a green jacket or lifetime of fame! Sure, I want to make putts, but in the 18 holes of life I’ve got 17 more to make something special happen.

And something special will most definitely happen.

What little things must you overcome in order for you to Choose Your Happy?

– Meghan