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Introduction to Choose Your Happy

Glad that somehow the Internet has guided you to Choose Your Happy. Here’s some background into this recently launched site.

About This Blog

  1. The “Mission Statement,” so to speak: Choose Your Happy explores the way people consciously create happiness, by amplifying goodness in their lives or smiling in the face of challenges. Defining our circumstances, not being defined by them.
  2. Be on the lookout for:
    • Featured writers
    • Resources about happy
    • Posts exploring categories like experiencing happiness, how to choose, and happiness lost
    • Photos to make you smile
  3. Here’s a little bit about me, your blog hostess.
  4. Send me your story here. I love to read about folks finding their happy.
  5. The homepage will be updated once a week, give or take, so check back for content that provokes an inner conversation between your heart and mind.
  6. Follow the Twitter feed and Facebook page for a more regular dose of happy.


For those who may approach this site with a bit of cynicism, here’s a caveat: I am not happy all of the time. I know, shocking! I am a real person with complex contradictions in my personality. Sometimes I fail to choose happy the moment I wake up and fail to live fully. But I want to live in my kind of happy the moment my feet hit the carpet. This site is a journey for me and you.

Let’s Choose Our Happy

Through my rose-colored lenses, I see this site as a community of souls constantly seeking happiness. Right now it’s just me and my words. Feel free to share the content on Twitter or Facebook. Reach out to friends who might need to read a bit of positivity. Choose your happy. 


Thoughts Become Things, Choose Happy
Thoughts Become Things, Choose Happy

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  1. This year I’ve resolved to create more happiness, both for myself and others, by visiting and commenting on a positive blog every day. I’m keeping a list of my discoveries on my own blog, and Choose Your Happy is today’s entry. Thanks for making the world a happier place!

    1. Thank you so much, Meg! I popped over to your site and love your idea… I cannot wait to explore where your footprints have already taken you to virtually and physically. 😀

      I’ll tweet your project out tomorrow via @chooseyourhappy and @megelkins. Do you have Twitter?